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News Release

Intertribal Warrior Society for Children

Tara Pretends Eagle Webe, Founder of the Intertribal Warrior Society for Children, proudly announces: The Accountability & Responsibility Project for Palm Beach County Girls - Epstein victims / survivor sisters social justice campaign, #HEALINGpbcGIRLS.


View Our Letter to Governor DeSantis with United Nations: Police Human Rights Violations and Women Human Rights. Click here: Project 4 PBC Girls

We demand Governor Ron DeSantis suspend Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and conduct a neutral investigation into his oversight of Jeffrey Epstein’s incarceration where he granted Epstein, a Florida Registered Sex Offender work release and he raped and trafficked more girls! 

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Sheriff Bradshaw needs to be investigated for:

  • Failure to protect and warn Palm Beach County girls about this pedophile and his international trafficking ring.
  • Repeated failure of duty and misconduct.
  • Child endangerment and negligence.
  • Misuse and abuse of his authority as an elected, public officer in charge.
  • Human rights violations against child, gender-based victims of crime.

These sex crimes against girls were preventable, instead they were enabled by Sheriff Bradshaw who is sworn to serve and protect. This is a human rights atrocity against girls! Justice and acknowledgement of the massive systemic failures against these girls-now women, is long overdue.

  • Investigator Mike Fisten tracked Epstein on his work release, violating his release conditions over 40 times.
  • Sheriff Bradshaw refused to end the work release, despite Epstein’s court order with SPECIAL Conditions: NO UNSUPERVISED CONTACT WITH MINORS!

We are a society of Indigenous grandmothers and mothers, standing with our allies in the fight against human trafficking, pedophilia and those who enable others to hurt children.

Intertribal Warrior Society for Children