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News Release

Annie's List

In response to the public release of a draft SCOTUS opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, Annie’s List released the following statement on behalf of Interim Executive Director, Ana Ramón:

In Texas, we know firsthand what a world without Roe v. Wade could look like. For months, Texans have had to navigate a six week abortion ban and bounty law that has upended access to essential care. This draft majority opinion confirms what we’ve anticipated all along: the end of our guaranteed right to abortion is imminent.

Our best chance to restore abortion access and rights for Texans is to vote out anti-choice Republicans and replace them with unapologetic champions for reproductive rights. Relying on the courts is no longer an option.

About Annie's List

Annie's List has won more than 160 races across the state — making it one of the most successful political organizations in Texas. Since its founding in 2003, Annie’s List has raised more than $20 million to help progressive women run efficient and effective campaigns.

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