American Indian Graduate Center receives $210,000 from AMERIND Risk

Photo courtesy: Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz

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Funding is for new AIGC endowed scholarship

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The American Indian Graduate Center

The American Indian Graduate Center (AIGC) has received a seven-year $210,000 gift from AMERIND Risk to create a new endowed scholarship, the AMERIND Risk Educational Assistance Scholarship. The scholarship will be offered annually to students with a connection to AMERIND Risk.

“As the largest scholarship provider to Native students in the United States, AIGC is dedicated to providing as many opportunities as possible for Native students to achieve their educational dreams,” says Angelique Albert, Executive Director for AIGC. “We are delighted to partner with AMERIND Risk on a scholarship that continues its commitment to providing insurance and other resources to Indian Country.” 

“AMERIND Risk is deeply committed to the advancement of Tribal Nations and Native peoples, and education is one of the most important steps in that endeavor.  We are pleased to devote these scholarship resources for our students to help them achieve.” says Derek Valdo, Chief Executive Officer for AMERIND Risk.   

About the American Indian Graduate Center

AIGC and AIGCS are the largest scholarship providers to American Indian and Alaska Native students, awarding $15 million in scholarships annually and more than $200 million since inception. For nearly 50 years, AIGC has empowered Native students from 500 tribes in all 50 states. AIGC funds undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees in any field at any accredited institution of choice. AIGC students graduate at significantly higher rates than the national average (our SPGSF program graduation rate is 95%; our GMS graduation rate is 69 %; the NCES AI/AN graduation rate is 41%).

About Amerind Risk Management Corporation (AMERIND Risk)

AMERIND Risk, founded 32 years ago, is the only 100% Tribally owned and operated insurance provider committed to Indian Country. Over 400 Tribes united and pooled their resources to create AMERIND Risk to keep money within Indian Country, Tribes Protecting Tribes. AMERIND Risk provides property, liability, commercial auto, and workers’ compensation insurance for Tribes, Tribal governments and Tribal businesses, as well as individual property coverage for homeowners and renters, employee benefits, and helping Tribes obtain state of the art broadband connectivity.


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