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News Release

All Pueblos Council of Governors

“It is fundamentally important that every culture in New Mexico and every individual be treated with dignity and respect. For this reason and many others, a statue in honor of a man who committed crimes against Pueblo people should not be on prominent display without context. I appreciate the decision of Rio Arriba County and the City of Albuquerque to remove these symbols of conquest, genocide, and racial injustice and look forward to an organized dialogue with these entities to consider fair and meaningful resolution.

As Chairman of the All Pueblos Council of Governors, I am deeply concerned and saddened by the incident involving the shooting of a protestor at a peaceful protest which occurred on the grounds of the Albuquerque Museum Monday evening. We must avoid these types of outcomes and choose a path forward that recognizes our shared history and respective cultures, which are rich and vibrant.    

New Mexico is a special place for all of us. We are all neighbors. We share food, we work together, and in many cases, our family relations go back generations. We have created a positive history together. This is what should be honored. The All Pueblos Council of Governors looks forward to working with local governments, the state of New Mexico, and all of our neighbors to better understand our shared history and when appropriate, create memorials and tributes that honor positive aspects of our state’s diverse heritage so that we, and future generations of New Mexican’s can share in the pride of our collective achievements and create a better future for our children and grandchildren.”

Chairman J. Michael Chavarria, Pueblo of Santa Clara

“We need to undertake positive and socially relevant efforts on behalf of native peoples to bring about positive awareness and education. Rather than focusing on protests and conflicts we are experiencing in the U.S. and now in New Mexico, consider positive messages and actions consistent with the beliefs and values of Indigenous peoples. We need to foster and build trust, understanding and solution crafting. Work to overcome our differences and truly unite and work together toward equality, equity and positive change in New Mexico, our United States of America, and the world”.

Vice Chairman Wilfred Herrera, Pueblo of Laguna

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