News Release

Ahtna, Incorporated

Until further notice, Ahtna, Incorporated will no longer issue land access permits for hunting bison associated with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) Permit Nos. DI 450 & DI 454 on their private lands, as well as predator control permits within these respective bison hunt areas. Ahtna land use permits on other lands for predator control hunting and recreational activities such as fishing, hiking and camping are available at An Ahtna Region land app is available for download that clearly shows property boundaries and public and private land ownership in the area to help visitors plan accordingly.

About Ahtna, Inc.

Ahtna, Incorporated is an Alaska Native Regional Corporation formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971, and is based out of Glennallen, Alaska. The company currently has over 2,100 shareholders, the majority of whom are of Ahtna Athabascan descent, and employs more than 1,300 people worldwide. A premiere Alaskan-owned business, Ahtna, Incorporated is guided by its vision statement: “Our Culture Unites Us; Our Land Sustains Us; Our People are Prosperous.” To learn more visit and to receive the latest news and updates follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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