How to use the new Indian Country Today: Think mobile

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Step by step instructions on how to get the most out of Indian Country Today

Indian Country Today is a new kind of "publication." We are digital. Even more: We are designed for the mobile phone, that's where readers will get the best experience.

Why mobile? Already 65 percent of our readers access us via a smart phone (including 7 percent who look at our content on a tablet). And the readership on a browser is under 34 percent. Those figures are "regular" readers, those who look at our site at least once a week. But among new users, more than 90 percent only look at our content on a mobile device.

Here are a few tips that we think will be helpful when using our Indian Country Today site.

Register on the site and follow Indian Country Today

You can do this on your mobile phone, a tablet, or on a desktop.

When you first come to Indian Country Today, you will see options to ‘follow’ Indian Country Today or to ‘login’ as a user. If this is your first time, enter your email and a password. By doing this, you can now comment, add conversations and more.

We suggest filling out your bio information and name so others can see what you are discussing or sharing. You can like articles, or express your thoughts about certain topics. Our new site is interactive and we encourage you to join in without having to go somewhere else.

How to get the app on your phone

There are two ways to read our content on your smart phone. You can use a browser, such as Chrome, or you can use our app. Once you load the app, stories and conversations from Indian Country Today will feed automatically.

Indian Country Today's platform is found on the NewsMaven.

Start by searching on Google Play Store or Apple for the app, The Maven Network.

Direct links:Google Play Store or iPhone's App Store

If you see the Maven's key logo ... you are in the right place.

Now install the apps on your phone and login for quick access to posts, conversations and more. Once you load the app, and register, you will find exclusive Indian Country Today content at the touch of button.

There are other news and information sites on the Maven. If you see another platform, then go to the upper left and look for three bars. Click on that and there will be a list of every publication in the Maven network. Just click on Indian Country Today ... and our content will load. You should only have to do this once.

In any platform you use, sort the news

Configure Indian Country Today by most most popular, newest, or latest reply. Look for the buttons at the top of the stories or conversation tabs. The “rooms” are Top Stories (which is everything we have posted); News; Opinion, Classified (looking for a job … an RFP); The Press Pool (our collection of news releases from across Indian Country); and Archive (stories posted in the past year). We are also working on a better collection of archived stories, an Indian Country Today database that will be useful for research.

Conversations and stories - what’s different

On the left and center columns are the latest news in Indian Country. But on the far right side of our site is the column ‘Conversations’ which is something new. Conversations are a place where our readers and editors can post the latest goings on around the world and discuss their relevance to the issues of Indian Country in real time.

In the same way readers can post comments on stories, they can also comment on conversations. There is one major difference, readers can also submit and initiate conversations on Indian Country Today.

There is an editorial moderation involved as we want to ensure the safety and courtesy to our readers, but we ask that you feel free to engage and have conversations about what is important to you.

Write an opinion piece … even if you’re not a regular contributor

Do you have an opinion on an issue? Write about it for a chance to appear in our opinion pages. We are looking for a wide range of discourse on all things Indigenous.

There are two ways to contribute commentary.

If you are registered on the site, go to the opinions page and click on the “Create a story” block. Fill in the info including a potential headline and we will review it for potential posting.

Or you can always send it to us via email,

It’s ok to comment

What do you think about a news story? An opinion? Weigh in. (Remember that’s how some people read the news, based on who commented last. Why not you?)

It’s ok to post stories that you’re reading in conversations

Are you reading an article that you want to others to see? Share it in the Conversations space. That’s what the Indian Country Today community is all about, engaging in conversations. The goal is to give Indian Country more of a voice nationwide.

Before you comment on Facebook, come to us first

When you register and comment, you are already part of the Indian Country Today community built right into our website. We are excited to see many of you already commenting on posts and interacting with each other. Community is what we are all about, and you don’t have to visit multiple websites to engage with others.

Sharing news on other social media

Have fun. Share stories. Post them on your favorite social media stream. On the left side of every story there are buttons to make linking really easy. Be sure to tag the people you think most likely to benefit from the story (or the conversation).

Thanks for reading -- and adding your voice to the larger conversation about Indian Country and its future.

Further questions?

If you have any further questions, email us at

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Debra Krol
Debra Krol

How do we set the site up to get notifications when a new article is up? that's what I really want, instead of having to make a conscious decision to visit the site. Thanks!


If you click on the menu in the upper left corner, you can select "turn on story notifications". You'll receive an email notification for every article that gets published.