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Submission guidelines for ICT op-eds

Submit op-eds to to avoid delays. Opinions are forwarded to this email address.

IMPORTANT: Before we can consider your submission, please note:

  • 8-10 word headline
  • 12-14 word sub-headline
  • 2-3 sentence bio (at bottom of the op-ed)
  • Author or subject photo with credit (Copyright free) example here
  • PDF files are not accepted for submission

Example op-eds and images - Example op-eds and images here.

Please use Google Docs if possible (preferred)

Microsoft Word or text in an email can be accepted, but Google Docs can be updated and both parties will immediately see any updates - How to use Google Docs.

Style notes

Do not indent paragraphs.

Do not capitalize tribe, tribal, nation, people, unless part of the name.

Do not double space after periods.

Submission is not a guarantee of publication

Please be advised that we review all submissions carefully. We receive an extremely high volume of emails, thus we must often decide on what gets published due to the degree of content, newsworthiness, and/or submission of a photo. Due to the high volume, we are not able to follow up with everyone based on the lack of complete criteria needed for the press.