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Sue Masten

Former president of the National Congress of American Indians

Former chair of the Yuork Tribe

With the attacks on our sacred sites, burial grounds, the removal of environmental protections and the increasing impacts climate change is having on our lands, water and resources we must elect a president that understands and supports tribal sovereignty. 

That is why I have endorsed and proudly support Tom Steyer.

He will ensure that climate change is the nation's number one priority and he will protect our sacred sites.

Tom Steyer will work tirelessly to unify and shape the future of our nation in a manner that celebrates the rich history of Native communities, while atoning for past and continued atrocities against Native peoples. 

Steyer will bolster policies that advance and protect the well-being of Native people and he will work to eliminate those policies that perpetuate inequality and discriminatory practices. Too often, issues affecting our communities are neglected because politicians don’t acknowledge the sovereignty of tribal nations.

As you well know, Indian Country is the first to feel the effects of climate change. 

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We cannot afford to risk our land, water and way of life to further environmental degradation. From the life sustaining waters to the air we breathe, we owe it to our children and future generations to protect our lands from the impacts of climate change. 

Tom Steyer's record of climate leadership gives me the confidence that he will make this issue his top priority, make America the global leader addressing climate change, and put our country on track to build an inclusive and prosperous clean energy economy.

While Washington, D.C., has failed to take meaningful climate action for the last 30 years, Tom Steyer has achieved real results by partnering with activists, labor unions, and community members who are sick of their neighborhoods being treated as dumping grounds for industrial pollution.

Steyer's efforts helped Nevada enact an ambitious clean energy standard, and negotiated significant clean energy commitments from Michigan utilities. His action has protected California's landmark climate laws and put the world’s fifth-largest economy on track to 100 percent clean energy. Tom Steyer's support for political organizing up and down the ballot in Virginia successfully for years has flipped its statehouse and governor’s seat to blue, and as a result, they are finally taking real climate action.

Tom Steyer has shown that he has what it takes to take on polluting corporations that are standing in the way of climate progress. He has successfully fought Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, cash bail, and the for-profit prison industry.

I have worked hard all my life to fulfill my responsibilities to protect and preserve our lands, water, resources and way of life for future generations. As stewards of Mother Earth, we need leadership that will put the needs of the planet and people over profits. 

I am confident that Tom Steyer is that person. His commitment to addressing climate change, and to the inclusion and improvement of the lives of our communities makes him the best choice for Indian Country.

Now more than ever, we need a president who has the skills and proven track record to take on and beat corporate polluters. Tom Steyer is also the candidate who can defeat President Trump. 

Please join me to elect Tom Steyer as president. If you have any questions or need additional information please do not hesitate to call me (707)951-2489 or email me