What I keep saying is studies since the 1970s reveal that whites tend to kill other whites, blacks…


What I keep saying is studies since the 1970s reveal that whites tend to kill other whites, blacks tend to kill other blacks, Latinos, Asians, and natives likewise. Most killers and victims know each other. This isn't true in each and every case but numerically and percentage wise this seems to be true. There are 6 or 7 off reservation cities that have high numbers of native victims. These perpetrators could well be a race other than native who are killing these native women. Many felony offenders must go through some kind of "mental healing" during their prison sentence. I strongly suspect a psychopolitical operator, or whatever they are called these days, influencing a subject, either native or non native to murder native American women. It isn't hard to train someone to kill a native woman. The common theme is it is the woman's fault this guy committed a violent offense toward her. This can be capitalized on and taken to an extreme. Such things as brainwashing and turning one against his family, tribe, or group has been going on for decades. Religious cults are known to influence someone against a former friendly supportive group or family. The cold war era brought out brainwashing to the front. Turning a subject against his group is a feature of some ranks in the war on terror. A psychologist or psychiatrist is usually the one who can do such things if trained in what used to be called psychopolitics. There was the case of missing and murdered black children in Atlanta from 1979-1981. A wiretap on a KKK members phone caught one stating, "a thousand future generations of niggers are being wiped out". He was referring to Atlanta's lumpenproletariat population. The poor blacks living on welfare. On the western plains is another lumpenproletariat group comprising that native Americans. The Indian reservations are run on large block grants dependant on the federal government. Each native family or single parent is dependant on several forms of welfare. There is General Assistance, an open ended TANF program, LIEAP, Indian Health Services, Medicaid, SSI, food stamps, and other block grant monies going to both the tribal governments and individual tribal members. This represents a burden to the federal government who is trillions of dollars in the hole. A drugs epidemic has elevated the already colloidal spending to unprecedented levels. Corruption in leadership along with an unmanageable underclass is the perfect storm for leaders with an agenda to come into power. The underclass now ruined by drugs was a burden to the old reign and will not be supported by the new rule. They are to be destroyed. This seems to be true not only with the missing and murdered but the affordable care act has given Medicaid to this bottom class of people, of all races. This Medicaid extension is partly to address the drugs problem and now treatment is available. Suboxone clinics are right next door to Indian reservations. The clinics over prescribe the drug which gets shared among the native clients friends and family. These who were given suboxone by someone going to clinic become addicted to the drug and they now come in as new clients. Suboxone has been shown to have adverse side effects. Suboxone is physically harmful but in a crisis such as now any side effect warnings are downplayed. One side effect is shutting down male and female libido. Males can't perform and females have a much lower response. The short of it is, very few native american newborns in those of the suboxone maintenance program. Those murdered represent future generations not even being born. There are other factors most likely at play that will greatly diminish the numbers of natives in future generations. The term useless eaters has been talked about since Hitler's time and this group was marked for desteuction. I have no doubts there is such a thing as a psychopolitical operator who can influence a subject toward violence. It was noted in 1980 that thousands of future generations could be wiped out by killing those of reproductive age. There was a "rush to justice" where a suspect was arrested tried and convicted for 2 murders of adults which the unsolved child murders were bootstrapped into his case. I foresee a likewise rush to justice concerning the missing and murdered natives where some native American male will be charged and the systems desk being cleaned out on him and the native women keep dying? I don't know who is going to read my written thoughts here. I am not trying to sell a conspiracy theory but to point out some uncontroverted facts.