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Let me start by saying, ‘I do not believe we are alone in this universe.’

Let me also say, ‘I believe in the validity of the UFO phenomenon.’

Is it far-fetched to say that?

Honestly, these days, I don’t think so. And I get the feeling my friends, that I am not alone.

This past month, like me, you may have read that Great Britain’s Ministry of Defense announced it would be releasing its Secret UFO files to the public.

What is so cool about this, is that many documents that were formerly marked “classified” will now be available to the general public. The “Double Prizes” from this gesture allows not just the citizens of England access to files once unseen, but thanks to the modern-day miracle of the world wide web, the rest of us lucky people. Cheers to the United Kingdom!

Now, I’m sure many of the documents will likely turn out to be the militarized testing of new technologies and the officers who were reviewing the case did the right thing by classifying their report for national security.

Though this may make for cool and interesting reading, it is not the little green men we are hoping for.

However, both UFO researchers and enthusiasts also know that among these rationalized reports, lie documented cases that cannot be explained by modern science and technology.

These unexplained gems are like the ones you’d encounter as a child that would stir the fires of your imagination. In this case, the gems I am hoping for are more like Tic-Tacs.

Tic-Tacs you might ask?

The Tic-Tacs I am referring to, are the videos gathered from the USS Nimitz back in 2004. These videos, that were released in 2017, led to the United States Navy publicly acknowledging in 2019 that these “Tic-Tac” flying objects, many have seen on national news or on YouTube, can be officially identified as “unidentified aerial phenomena.” 

Videos related to these unidentified aerial phenomena

Anderson Cooper "US Navy confirms UFO videos are the real deal"

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Rock on Tom DeLonge and Luis Elizondo! — Delonge, Co-founder of the rock band Blink 182 and researcher made history by releasing the military footage of the UFO — and Elizondo, the former employee of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

Here are more technical-oriented videos that explain what words on the display mean

Another thing most people like myself are hoping for is that the United Kingdom’s recent actions will prompt more nations like the US Government to come forward and allow UFO/UAP phenomenon information — collected by the Department of Defense’s Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Applications Program and Bigelow Aerospace — to be made public.

Releasing such information is a necessary and needed gesture if we are ever going to get the answers we all seek.

I have been on this journey since I was a child. I even have an early morning UFO tale from my own rez that I will share at another time. Like so many others, this lifelong passion has driven me to read a lot of books, read a lot of magazines and watch a lot of documentaries — all of which lead me to more questions.

So when countries like the United Kingdom release this kind of information, it brings us all one step closer to a real answer.

The riddle of the UFO is a global one. It is a question — regardless of nation and regardless of how one feels about the subject — that demands an answer.

We need to work together as a planet to solve this enigma. We must remind ourselves that we are a new generation that cannot and will not ignore the evidence.

We will not inherit nor allow the old school stigmas of shame and ridicule to keep us from believing or saying…“We are not alone.”

A Studio shot - Over the past two years, Jeffrey Veregge has created 50 covers for three major comic book companies: Marvel, Valiant and IDW Comics.

Over the past two years, Jeffrey Veregge has created over 100 covers for three major comic book companies: Marvel, Valiant and IDW Comics.

Jeffrey Veregge, S’Klallam, is a contributor to Marvel, Valiant & IDW comics. Follow him on Twitter at @JeffreyVeregge