There are reasonable answers to why people hate


There’s a strange energy in America. It’s indefinable.

John Tetpon

I’ll never understand how American members of hate groups are raised. They are born without anger I’m sure. Then what happened?

That’s where I get lost trying to guess at coming up with answers. What have the Jews done to become almost routine targets of gun violence in America? I never heard about Jews until I moved to Anchorage a long time ago. Then I heard about Adolph Hitler and the killing of more than 6-million of them in Europe during World War ll. I still ask why.

And I still ask why some white people hate African Americans. I still ask why some white people hate Alaska Natives. I haven’t been able to come up with a reasonable answer yet to any of those questions. And no one has ever stepped up to tell me anything.

Wednesday, a white man identified as Gregory Bush shot and killed two African-Americans, seemingly at random, at a Kentucky Kroger store following a failed attempt to barge into a black church.

That and the slaughter of innocent Jews in Pittsburgh by Robert Bowers make no sense. There is something mighty wrong in our society. The mail bomber in Florida comes from the same fabric as the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter and the killer in Kentucky. Eleven Jews were killed and 6 other people were wounded in Pittsburgh. It’s ironic but Squirrel Hill, the home of the Jewish synagogue, was also home to the friendly Mr. Fred Rogers of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood of TV fame.

In the meantime I keep hearing our president yelling things about this and that telling his followers to kick somebody’s ass – “punch ‘em in the face!” Then he tells everybody we have to unite to fight this evil and that evil. Who does he want to unite with?

There’s a strange energy in America. It’s indefinable. People talk about it as if it’s all about politics. But it can’t be. There is something more. Politics rarely drive people to guns and killings. But then again I could be wrong.

President Donald Trump has a few dog whistles he like to let loose on. Last week he became a “nationalist,” without saying any more than that. He even denied that there was anything racist about the comment despite the fact that white nationalists have made headlines for years. Shortly afterward, the mail bomber of Florida came into view and the synagogue mass killing happened, just a day or so later.

Trump has called journalists the “enemy of the people.” CNN’s offices, often called out by Trump as creators of “fake news,” were sent mail bombs by Cesar Sayoc of Florida. Well-known Democrats who are under constant attack by Trump were also on Sayoc’s mailing list. Federal authorities said Sayoc mailed a total of 14 packages containing homemade pipe bombs, none of which detonated, but all of which were real. This is not a hoax, FBI Director Christopher Wray said.

Trump is an anomaly, an unknown quantity. We never know what he’s going to do or say. Today he said at a rally he was going to tone his rhetoric down, but he was laughing at the same time and in response, his followers laughed too. What comes next, we won’t know until whatever happens. And we are mighty close to the midterms.

I suspect he will change his mind and start hollering again, calling out his solitary dogs of war to harm someone or some group. The migrant caravan is almost here at our southern border and we’re not sure what Trump is going to do or say.

At any rate, I’ll be the first to thrown rotten eggs at members of both parties since neither one has had the balls to take charge and stop the murderous epidemic we have going on in America. That’s only fair.

John Tetpon, Inupiaq, is a longtime Alaska journalist, musician and artist.

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I don't know why you and so many, many others find all this arrogance, stupidity, superiority "new" and "different" from before! If it were different & new it would be shocking but it is not new, not in the least bit! You should read European history, they are war mongers. The Europeans have been fighting each other for centuries, the borders over there have been changed so many times, it is ridiculous. If you read European history, where all these idiots come from, then you would know that Jews are also from Europe & are not "new" to these wars and war strategies & tactics. They have lived in every European country and are now living in every country in the Americas. Our prosperity will fade soon because of the devious, greedy exploitation of our planet & there will be infighting here just as in Europe. These Europeans have been living off the indigenous of the western hemisphere. They are over populating the entire planet & will blame the indigenous for failures to the economy just as blame and hatred were practiced in Europe since ancient times. They have already put a strain on lands they had no right to invade, so now the indigenous of those lands have no place to move or live, even on their own lands. The European people have made a mess of the Americas & the consequences of their exploitation of both people and lands will be suffered by all of us soon!


There is a hate group harassing Native Americans online. They are A group called "African Americans Ain't African Movement. They believe they are the real Native Americans and the group has grown fast since I last heard about them. @AbTheLegend encourages hate against Native Americans and Latinos. He used racial slurs in his post and discredit Native Americans based off of skin color. He runs a YouTube channel called AbTheLegend. Also there's are many others.


"There are reasonable answers as to why people hate".....please explain your view/analysis of why "hate" exists and breeds amongst native peoples and to each others. Though not to the level of black-on-black crimes in inner cities, native "crimes" happen quietly akin to 'fighting over crumbs on a table". Why is my lil' plot of land and homestead such a threat to the relative community politics or family drama? Why are peoples trying to remove me covertly and quietly against MY DESIRES? As a legit, registered, enrolled, practice Dine', i do not identify with the CNN_made for TV news hate drama. I associate everyday of the "politics" of living on a poor indian reservation with the understanding that even with what lil' material items or land i have, i am constantly being "challenged" by family, relatives. This happens with others as well. Though the term "hate" is too offensive, it is still relevant to a quiet hate (directed) with lil' cuts everyday. It still drains the blood and life out of you. Write about something relevant to everyday reservation life than what is already manufactured and produced on CNN.


As to the claim that Europeans are over-populating the planet, look at the numbers. They are, in fact, contracepting and aborting themselves out of existence.

David Hollenshead
David Hollenshead

John Tetpon, Perhaps I can help explain the political use of "Hate", and yes, this includes Donald Trump's "Dog Whistling" to his supporters. My Prussian Jewish Grandfather wrote the Medical Protocols for Treating Concentration Camp Survivors while serving as a Feild Surgone in the US Army During WWII. So I learned as a child how Politicians can incite Mass Human Insanity with Seemingly Normal People to the point that they engage in Ethnic Cleansing. It really doesn't matter if the "Other" is Jewish, Native American, or Rwandan, the main purpose is Power & Control. In Nazi Germany, the threat of the Nazi Party to Germans was "we can also do this to you too", as members of the German Resistance were either sent to Concentration Camps, Beaten to Death, or Gulenteened by the Gestapo. Killing those who are the "Other" is a Political Tool that gives the State the Authority to control the lives of everyone. Ironically when my Grandmother researched her Ancestry, she could not find out the name of the Nation in the Midwest that her mother's mother was from, as it was Erased from History, by Ethnic Cleansing. However, she did learn that she is a distant relation of the late Actor Paul Newman. Her parents never discussed the reason that her mother looked so different from the other farmer's families, they just tried to pretend they were also "white". Which probably helps explain why my Grandparents choose to adopt my Mom, who was the daughter of a "Catholic Boarding School Student". [I've got the complexion of a European but a very Native Bone Structure & Teeth, but then my Dad is only "mostly white", as he also has both Native American and African Ancestry. So I don't "pass as white", but lack the knowledge of which Nations in the US and Canada are in my Ancestry. Usually, racists use the S-word, as they don't understand the differences, for example,​ most Latinos are not extremely​ broad-shouldered​​​ but can grow a beard, when I'm over 1.5 bus seats wide but can't grow a beard... ] -David


Magayeti, gentrification is used to populate many countries, not just on this continent & it has been used over the centuries by Europeans. In fact, it is a common strategy to populate without the use of abortions & lack of reproduction in certain human species.

smacmill, many of us have an immense right & justification to be angry at the meddling & intrusions & genocides of Europeans on other cultures. There was never the extent of aggression from any culture in the Americas or surrounding islands as came from Europe. My immediate community is no longer made up of my own people but of Europeans that are arrogant & do not want to admit they are what they are and are capable of what they try to hide!