Oki/Hello, my name is Fawn Gaudet and I am a proud descendant of the Blackfeet Nation. My upbringing, like many of you, allows me to be keenly aware of the sacred circle of life.

Right now this circle is broken and it affects our planet, our ecosystem, food system, biodiversity, humanity, all species and Mother Earth. We live in a time of dangerous change and it is time to join together and save our one planet. Right now we are in the sixth mass extinction. It sounds overwhelming, but it is the truth.

David Festa shared in his Environmental Defense Fund article, “Humans are causing one million species to go extinct.” People may debate the exact number, but the fact that we are in this stage of loss is tragic. We need to stop our current trajectory to lessen the damage to Mother Earth for future generations, as many species have already gone extinct.

The New York Times reported on November 27, 2018 in their article “The Insect Apocalypse” by Brooke Jarvis, that we are experiencing a current worldwide loss known as the sixth extinction. The article detailed how this is the sixth time in the earth’s history that large numbers of species have disappeared in an unusually rapid succession.

Past various studies have estimated the amount of time for us to overcome this is between five to 12 years. Most recently Matt McGrath, an environmental correspondent for the BBC shared that we have less time to take the steps we need to fix things in his article “Climate change: 12 years to save the planet? Make that 18 months.”

Please take a moment to digest this. This time the extinctions are not caused by asteroids, they are caused by humans.

Brook Jarvis wrote that Insects, especially pollinators, are in danger. Insects are crucial to our survival. Pollinators support one in three bites of food we eat each day. We need these amazing pollinators to support and sustain our food system.

Alarmingly, the U.S. government is developing drone technology to pollinate crops as detailed in NPR’s coverage titled Rise of Robotic Bees: Tiny Drones into Artificial Pollinators on March 3, 2017.

In the China Dialogue article titled Decline of Bees forces China’s apple farmers to pollinate by hand from February 10, 2012, Dave Goulson shared how dire pollinator decline is. To my knowledge, this is still happening.

This is a crisis and humans need to alert humanity for Mother Earth. In our country, the Environmental Protection Agency has approved use of more harmful pesticides; therefore negatively impacting bees. While in Europe neonics (other types of pesticides) are being banned.

Sadly in New Hampshire, the rusty patched bumble bee is believed to be locally extinct.

We need to take vital steps to protect our biodiversity and environment, especially pollinators.

We must peacefully raise awareness and take positive action to preserve and protect all species in the United States and globally.

As a fellow human being on this incredible planet, I implore all of you to take notice and action to help stop this extinction. We are indeed a threat to ourselves.

Climate change is a direct reflection of some man-made actions which have caused negative results on our environment. The impact on climate change is evidenced by the following: rising CO2, glaciers melting, and rising oceans. Adding to this is the use of harmful pesticides and other chemicals in our environment that has led to decline of life and extinction of vast amounts of species.

Awakening us all was the news that we have lost up to 3 billion birds. Let's take action by making changes and stop these devastating losses. We need to peacefully rise against the corporations. We were born as Mother Earth protectors.

Let’s find ways to promote the use of clean solar energy, organic farming, protecting our soil, protecting our pollinators, oceans, all waters, organic seeds, and plant trees to restore the very heartbeat of Turtle Island.

The time is now to save our food system, environment and our biodiversity on Mother Earth for generations to come.

I still believe in the innate goodness of humanity to care for all living things including ourselves and our world.

Let’s save Mother Earth!