North Dakota sticks with its rural address "system" that does not exist. Daily Kos says:"Republicans…

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North Dakota sticks with its rural address "system" that does not exist. Daily Kos says:"Republicans are not happy enough with this natural advantage. They are now rigging the vote in North Dakota to ensure Kevin Cramer defeats Heidi Heitkamp. And they’re doing it in the most despicable manner possible, with a policy intended to disenfranchise Native American voters."

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Everyone of my brothers and sisters across the country should pay attention to what happening in N. Dakota as we do not know who will be next, but rest it will happen to us all. The republicans in N. Dakota are slowly stripping away the right to vote given to us by The Snyder Act of 1924, with the full backing of the US Department of Justice and the White House. If we do not help our relatives in N. Dakota fight this violation of our rights, which one of us will be next? I have spoken to the A.C.L.U. and the Southern Poverty Law Center, and both are willing to jump in and help stop this from happening if the proper request are made by the Tribal Governments. We have shown what we can do when we all pull together. If nothing is done to stop this stealing away our right to vote, what will be next?


I really do HOPE that native (legitimate) americans have the time necessary to view the actions of this DEMOCRATIC (National) Party platform in "encouraging" illegal aliens, undocumented, immigrations to go out and VOTE! If a former POTUS Obama was advocating the right to vote (in response to a direct, pointed question), then why are State's requesting concrete, substantiative documentation to verify and confirm WHO YOU REALLY ARE? If a candidate for Georgia Governorship, Stacey Abrams is openly advocating "undocumented immigrates" to be part of the 2018 BLUE WAVE, , then why are national, state voters rolls being questioned? DEMOCRATIC politics once again are using native peoples (those of North Dakota) once more (again, and again) for political operative exploitation. Once November 2018, everybody (nationally) will forget of the North Dakota Native voter rolls.