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In today’s world, everything should be taken with a grain of salt.

There’s so much information out there, you can prove both sides to an argument should you put the time in.

Which brings me to one of Indian Country’s favorite cousins, Kyrie Irving.

Little Mountain (the name given to Irving by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe) put out an ambiguous tweet on Wednesday.

“My mask is off. Now take yours off. No fear.” Kyrie tweeted.

Now, if you’ve followed Kyrie throughout his career, you know he is more cryptic than what’s found on the wall of an Egyptian tomb. He’s been all over the spectrum when it comes to puzzling statements.

For a brief moment, and maybe still to this day, Kyrie was a flat-earther. If I recall, he said he went down a YouTube rabbit hole that led him to believe that conspiracy to be true.

It’s hard to read the tweet and not think it's related to the coronavirus, yet many people in the replies are saying the tweet is a metaphor and unrelated to COVID.

Could it be Kyrie being Kyrie? Very much so. His most recent tweet before the one above simply said, “JBY- Just be You.”

As it turns out, it wasn’t COVID related, as later Wednesday evening, Kyrie put out an explainer for the tweet to his 4.3 million followers.

Just the other day, at a Los Angeles Sparks game, Kyrie was sporting a mask with what appeared to be the Standing Rock Sioux seal and a National Congress of American Indians hat, briefly taking off his mask to take a picture with a fan. 

With so much misinformation, confusion and hostility to mask mandates/usage, why even put the original tweet out there?

I’m sure Kyrie is keenly aware of the impact COVID has had on Native communities across the country. Especially after he just visited Pine Ridge and Standing Rock not too long ago.

Kyrie is a smart, interesting dude, who goes by the beat of his own drum (pun intended) and he knows exactly what he is doing. If he doesn’t believe in the efficacy of masks, that’s his right. We also don’t know if he is vaccinated or not, also completely his decision and his decision alone.

I’m not here to shame anyone, but people listen and look up to the man. Now is not the time to be cryptic or play games.

P.S., If Kyrie or anyone in his circle reads this, we’d love to have you for an interview on our Indian Country Today newscast!

Random Thoughts

Who else is happy football is back?! I was grinning ear-to-ear on Sunday when I heard one of my favorite sentences, “seven hours of commercial-free football!”

For me, NFL Redzone is a must. I understand the people that like to watch a game in its entirety, feel the flow and rhythm of it all but there is something about constantly being in the action that I love.

I’m in four fantasy football leagues as well, so Redzone allows me to keep tabs on all my guys throughout the day. Went a tough 0-4 last week across those leagues but looking for a big bounce back in week 2!

For those that read this column, would fantasy advice be something you’d be interested in? More than happy to share my thoughts on starts and sit, waiver pickups and everything else fantasy football entails.

Feel free to send me a direct message on Twitter too.

Sports betting

Also, with sports betting legal in half the country, I’d like to discuss it a little bit in this column each week. By no means am I a professional sports bettor and you bet at your own risk, but I look at it as a challenge to take on the oddsmakers.

Each week, for fun and no money down, I pick five games against the spread and see how I do over the course of the season. Last week I went 3-2, nothing to write home about but above .500 nonetheless.

In week 2 (spreads from FanDuel in Pennsylvania as of Sept. 17) I’m going with: Cincinnati Bengals (+2.5) vs. Chicago Bears; LA Rams (-3.5) vs. Indianapolis Colts; New Orleans Saints (-3.5) vs. Carolina Panthers; New England Patriots (-5.5) vs. New York Jets; and San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles (+3).

Outside of football, there’s a big UFC pay-per-view next Saturday, Sept. 25. Looking forward to that!

Baseball’s season is so long, looking forward to the playoffs finally coming around in a couple weeks. This is the time of year when something is constantly going on in the world of sports.

Gotta love it!

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