Don't use the postal service as a political pawn

Markwayne Mullin

Universal mail-in voting is just another step towards socialism that will only create more problems than it will allegedly solve

Congressman Markwayne Mullin

Cherokee Nation

You may have heard recently the United States Postal Service (USPS) needs more money now or they will permanently shut their doors. That is simply not true. Speaker Pelosi is attempting to scare the American people into believing her baseless conspiracy theory so she can implement her universal mail-in voting scheme.

Under this scheme, Pelosi Democrats want to essentially eliminate in-person voting and send every person over the age of 18 a ballot to their home in order to cast their vote, regardless of whether or not they are registered to vote or if they even asked for a ballot. At one time or another, we have all received someone else’s mail in our mailboxes. 

Sending every adult in the United States a ballot - whether or not they asked for one - undermines the integrity of our elections and creates an environment for voter fraud to run rampant.

Our election system is crucial to the foundation of our country and it must be secure. Every American should have confidence their vote will be counted. If you do not want to vote in-person because of health concerns, you can still request an absentee ballot be sent to you - just like you always have been able to do.

Universal mail-in voting is just another step towards socialism that will only create more problems than it will allegedly solve. Make no mistake, the Postal Service will not go under if we don’t give them money for universal mail-in voting.

The USPS provides a vital service to the American people, especially those in rural areas. 80 percent of veterans received their medications by mail, and more than half of small businesses rely on the USPS to do business. 

In the CARES Act passed earlier this year, the Treasury Department lent the USPS $10 billion to help them through the pandemic. 

We must continue to work to make the USPS more efficient and fiscally responsible so it can continue to serve the American people for generations to come.

It is reckless for Pelosi Democrats to attempt to use the Postal Service as a political pawn to push their socialist agenda.

Congressman Markwayne Mullin, an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation, serves Oklahoma’s Second Congressional District. Mullin serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the Subcommittee on Environment and Climate Change, the Subcommittee on Health, and the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. Mullin also serves as a member of the Republican Whip Team.

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Many rural Native rely on mail in voting to cast their ballot due to the fact many of their polling places have been eliminated, or the reservation has been left out of polling places. The post office is essential for our voice to be heard, as well as to receive essential services such as medication and social security checks. I don’t know why ICT would allow an opinion such as this. Mr. Mullin is also pushing anti-sovereignty legislation to undo the McGirt ruling, and other legislation that would terminate the jurisdiction of three tribes.


I don't believe Pelosi has a hidden agenda to corrupt or stop in person voting. Most of us Republican or Democrat are desperately searching for alternative to be safe and also still vote. Mail in voting needs to happen this year in order to keep people voting and also safe. It is true Trump is eliminating polling places and making it harder for most of us to vote. Please fund the USPS and give the Nation a way to vote for all Americans.


there are issues several states have fully vetted mail in systems, up and ready wih verifiable signatures wih the local election districts, How absentee and regular voting works. the slowdown is bullshit, as anyone having used the po system in the last 5 -6 years, can't beat the service , tracking, scanning systems, they've upgraded to, the problem is a top heavy work force, from before, the computerized upgrades. it's slow because they want to, the system runs faster than they can.. the best tech age available, several states, opting to force a mail in NY NJ California ,have gigantic mail systems and, no experience with the volume they're asking for. so when those states are unable to finish and verify that each ballot, is the only time that person votes. as far as the Union donating to Biden,, that becomes a real issue, as Nancy Pelosi is turning the PO workers Union into a weapon against Trump,re election.. in truth ,they are subverting the legal election process as federal employees. to assist against the elected Government.. it's called sedition., they're undermining the free and fair election by becoming a political are of the Democrats, in jeopardizing the election process, for a drastic change in volume, adding to the confusion and eventual hard feelings , when trump wins.. then what? riots, destruction, lawlessness, murder , assaults like what we've seen on the news nightly .lately.?? is that what the next generations have to look forward to?white and black, both to the brink? the media is putting us all in harm's way over Donald Trump. wrong, against every principle of honor, integrity we used to hold sacred..


aside from the media feeding the public Joe Biden's, " successful win" on front pages daily, i may remind you the election is 2 months 2 weeks away, a lot can change between then and now. same as 2016, when Hillary had planned to win and the media said she was, untill the day after. no offense to journalism, but news should not be fabricated to fool the public...either way, can the Democrats acdept, another loss? if they do? and can people stop from hurting us all with rioting and destruction, over an election loss?