Canada's Supreme Court makes it easier for the national government to trample tribal rights.…

Mark Trahant

Canada's Supreme Court makes it easier for the national government to trample tribal rights. Consultation? Macleans essay answers: "First Nations have been deprived of the full enjoyment of their Aboriginal and treaty rights and title, and the inherent right to be self-determining."

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Their greedy mouths are watering at lands held by Indians. They know every inch - what's on top, what is underneath, what type of soil, what type of minerals, oil, gas, timber, water & especially water. Their satellites give them detailed information about the lands & they know more than Indians about the lands. Their past indicates they will take the lands, at the right time from future generations. Unless, of course Indians prepare defenses. It seems that Indians should have the legal right to all satellite indications of Indian land - everywhere in the Americas not just here but also in Central America & South America. They are devious & greedy & nothing will stop them from a killing frenzy, if necessary. Their past actions are a telling of their future actions. As they use the strategies of their forefathers to manipulate humanity and gentrify certain areas & bring in refugees & immigrants from their wars in other countries, then plop them in targeted areas they will want to populate Indian lands and conjure up laws as their forefathers did to benefit themselves with the taking of whatever benefits their greed. These people are being brainwashed before they are brought here - they are still being taught that we are descendant of savages. Our own children are still slyly taught this in the schools. Oh! please wake up!!