Be an informed voter not a sheeple please


As we have been told and told again growing up, people lie. Politicians are only second to actors and actresses on television. I am writing this not to influence anyone's vote one way or another. Our right to vote was hard earned, and that belongs 100% to you and no one else. All I ask is that you be an informed voter. So before you decide yes or no on a proposition or vote for a candidate do your own research. Do not just use the voter guide they send you. Why? Well I live in California and sadly the voter guide uses catchy words and false statements, half truths in their descriptions. When I actually went to the text of the Proposition it did not match what the book said half of the time. If I had not done my own research I may have voted for things I would never agree to. If it is a candidate, and they sit in a public office already, check on what they voted on. Do you agree with how they have been voting? Does their voting match what you want? If not then research the next person and then pick the person YOU think is best based on your values, your wishes for the future and who you think would be the best representative for that office. I know it can seem tedious at times, but this is our way to have our voices heard. Our votes count, so lets make sure what we want is actually being told. I do not care what party your are registered too, who you support or don't, I only ask that you do your part and be informed.