Harv Hilowitz

As the Black Community and (most of) America mourns the police murder of Mr. Floyd in Minneapolis, an important issue needs to be addressed, but without trying to create further racial discord. The issue is the notion of "America's Original Sin", which I put in quotes to denote the constant misuse of this ahistorical term, especially by Black commentators and leadership. Just as Black America fights against its African and African-American history and contributions to America being erased and appropriated, Native People and non-Natives like myself need to remind everyone that the horrible, initial "Original Sin of America" started in 1492 with the colonization, enslavement, forced christianization and attempted genocide of Native Peoples throughout the Americas. The suffering of Native People then and now is in fact American's Original Sin. This is not meant to diminish the suffering of African-Americans since the European slave trade began, but to remind everyone that the initial reason for the African slave trade was that the Native Peoples of the Caribbean Basin had basically been wiped out by the European colonizers through slavery, disease and maltreatment, and needed to be "replaced" by Africans to work the mines and plantations there. Both Native Peoples and Blacks have suffered oppression since those early times, but along with their anti-racist sisters and brothers of other races, continue to show resilience and resistance to this very day, as shown by demonstrations across the land as a result of the martyrdom of
Mr. Floyd.
-Harv Hilowitz

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Columbus and his cronies weren't real Christians, far from it.


I agree 100% with this article. Dr. Cornel West is the only person I've heard stating that America's original sin was the genocide of the Natives' Peoples.