Alaska state leaders oppose Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court

ICT editorial team

Health care cited as a top priority that could be put at risk by Kavanaugh on the high court

Bill Walker and Byron Mallott

We oppose the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court

One of our top priorities as Governor and Lieutenant Governor is expanding affordable healthcare access to all Alaskans. We supported increasing the number of people eligible to receive health insurance by increasing the pool of those who have access to Medicaid, and we have also championed protections for Alaskans with pre-existing health conditions. Another priority of our administration is protecting the rights of working Alaskans. Mr. Kavanaugh's record does not demonstrate a commitment to legal precedent that protects working families. Key aspects of our nation's healthcare and labor laws may be at risk if Mr. Kavanaugh receives a lifetime appointment.

Mr. Kavanaugh's appointment could also jeopardize the Indian Child Welfare Act, Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, and other laws that enable tribal self-determination due to his overly narrow view of the relationship between federal and tribal governments. Alaska is home to 229 tribes, nearly half of all tribes in our nation.

Finally, we believe a thorough review of past allegations against Mr. Kavanaugh is needed before a confirmation vote takes place. Violence against women in Alaska is an epidemic. We do not condone placing someone into one of our nation's highest positions of power while so many key questions remain unanswered.

Bill Walker is the Governor of Alaska. Byron Mallott, Tlingit, is the Lieutenant Governor of Alaska.