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As a First Alaskan, indigenous to our land, I push back on the mentality of each person out for themselves and the current budget being put forward by Governor Dunleavy. 

It’s selfish and not aligned with the values of Alaska’s traditional cultures. 

Here, we believe in taking care of each other. We value our elders, our children and make sure they never do without. We welcome those less fortunate to the table to eat and shelter those without a roof. We look forward towards making sure our future generations are equipped with the education, tools and support to be successful and healthy. That’s the true Alaskan spirit. 

Our budget is our values statement.

Dr. Gary Ferguson is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor living in Anchorage, Alaska. He is Aleut/Unangan, originally from the Shumagin Islands community of Sand Point, Alaska.

For the past 17 years, Dr. Ferguson has worked across Alaska to address the social, economic, cultural and environmental factors that contribute to the health, well-being of Alaskans. He is a facilitator, motivational speaker, health coach, and technical consultant to communities and agencies around how to more deeply address contributing factors to health and well-being.

Dr. Ferguson’s past positions include providing clinical services to his home region at Eastern Aleutian Tribes and serving at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium as Wellness & Prevention Director and Senior Director of Community Health Services. His most recent work includes serving at the Rural Alaska Community Action Program as Chief Executive Officer prior to becoming a Healthy Communities Consultant.