LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard in June 2019 at her home holding the photography book, "Standing for Unity: The Standing Rock Movement," by Eugene Tapahe. Tapahe presented her with the book, she was one of the contributors. (Photo by Eugene Tapahe, Tapahe Photography)

LaDonna Brave Bull Allard 'changed history'

"Someone suggested we start a camp; all of a sudden LaDonna said, ‘Hey, I’ve got some land’”

Loretta "Chet" J. Halfmoon. (Photo courtesy of Halfmoon family)

Loretta 'Chet' J. Halfmoon valued treaty, fishing rights

Chet valued the treaty right to fish as one of the female woman warriors who was recognized as one of the 'Indigenous Women of the Columbia River'

John C. Sackett. (Photo courtesy of Doyon Foundation).

John C. Sackett: Champion of rural Alaska

Nothing is ever given to you because ‘it is a necessary right. You have to fight for everything'