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Rep. Sharice Davids, D-Kansas, says tribal governments need funds from the CARES Act as soon as possible. Davids is a citizen of the Ho-Chunk Nation. 

"I've been concerned about the way that the $8 billion that we were able to get into the CARES Act has been distributed, or wasn't distributed."

"I do think there needs to be more oversight. I do think that there needs to be, frankly, a full distribution of the $8 billion."

"Treasury department, I would say lack the understanding of the importance of the tribal government and federal government relationship and the trust responsibility that the federal government has to tribes."

"I think that there was oversight and the correction is in the works right now."

"That's absolutely where that money needs to go. We've also made sure that there's money in the bills for Indian health services, IHS and urban Indian health centers because we know that there are a lot of folks who, our Native brothers and sisters who don't necessarily live on a reservation and need to access those urban Indian health centers. 

"The committee or transportation and infrastructure committee hadn't held a hearing related to the, to the transportation needs and infrastructure needs of Indian country in decades, somewhere like 30 years or something like that. And we held one. I advocated for that. I pushed for that."

"It's really important for us to have more Native voices in Congress and also in all parts of the federal government."

"The responsibility of the federal government to maintain the privacy of all individuals who are doing business with the federal government is paramount."

"To see the data breach of our tribal interests was shocking to me."

"I just introduced a bill called the Supplies Act which is aimed at shoring up the personal protective equipment and making sure that companies that are here domestically are able to produce personal protective equipment. This would provide funding to help them shift over to produce those things."

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And I, being able to talk to members of Congress as their peer, and say this is important. Let me tell you why. Let me tell you about the federal trust responsibility, about sovereign tribal governments. I think (has) had a big impact already."

"We wanted to do a town hall that was geared toward listening to the concerns of our youngest constituents. I thought it was really interesting cause a number of the kids asked about how they can help other people, and if that doesn't give people hope, you know, I mean our kids are also feeling stressed and a bunch of them are wondering, 'How do I help nurses? Or how do I help people who are working at the grocery stores?"

"I mean it was a great, really great townhall."

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