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Benallie covered the lack of diversity on the federal bench among other stories.

A few comments:  

"I worked on a story with Diane Humetewa. She was the first federal woman judge in the United States (that's) Native Americans. I was able to interview her and her chambers.

"A lot of security to get into her chambers, but it was really interesting to see and go down to the federal court in Phoenix."

"And also I wrote a pretty popular piece about a Navajo owned coffee truck on the reservation."

"I just thought it was interesting because they let their 90-year-old grandmother help with the coffee machine."

"The story kind of just blew up."

"ASU is hosting a virtual graduation. So that's how I'm graduating online. "

"I was hoping to have a graduation party, so that's probably gonna be postponed to later. "

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Yazzie started writing about food and heath before COVID-19 took over.

 "I started out writing a sustainability piece on absorbing our ancestors knowledge about food."

"I wrote about the University of North Dakota creating the first indigenous health Ph.D. program. And that's actually the first in the world. So that was really interesting and cool to capture."

"When I first started at Indian Country Today, I was very excited because I was newly graduated. Election year is coming about and I was really excited to get on those election stories and boom, coronavirus came in, everything changed almost overnight."

"I was working in the newsroom and I was really excited to be there and now I'm working at home at my kitchen table. So it's very different, but it's still challenging and it forces you to do things and I guess kind of be creative with interviewing people and Zoom is very new to me."

*Correction in audio: A tribal casino closed in South Dakota on April 12, 2020. 

Also on the daily newscast, Washington Editor Jourdan Bennett-Begaye reports updated COVID-19 numbers in Indian Country.

The host of the program is Patty Talahongva, executive producer of Indian Country Today.