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Chuculate is based in Minneapolis, MN and is reporting on the Native Americans living in the city. He's covered the death of one beloved community member, as well as a program to feed elders during this pandemic. 

Here are a few comments from Chuculate: 

“Jerry James Lightfeather was from Bois Forte in Northern Minnesota. 

“His brother said that the one day he came down with it (COVID-19), they took him to the hospital by ambulance and then his brother was notified he was in the VA hospital for about three weeks.”

“This was slow-down hill death, he was a smoker and had diabetes and it just attacked his respiratory system.”

“He was a fluent Ojibwe speaker and anytime someone needed a translation or to do ceremonies, he was one of the people they would call and he was always willing to do it.”

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"On his birthday they set up a video monitor visit with his brother and his brother was able to take a screenshot and he's laying in his bed. You can tell he’s got a big smile on his face; the next day he died.”

“It’s unfortunate that the virus attacks the population that you know is fluent and those who know all the traditions and are willing to share them. It just so happens that they're in that demographic.”

Kolby KickingWoman is based in Washington, D.C. He's been covering two cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, McGirt Vs. Oklahoma and Mashpee Wampanoag Vs. DOI.

 Also on Indian Country Today, Washington Editor Jourdan Bennett-Begaye reports updated COVID-19 numbers in Indian Country.

The anchor and executive producer of the program is Patty Talahongva.