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Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College in New Town, North Dakota, is one of 37 tribal colleges each facing challenges related to the pandemic

Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College President Twyla Baker mentioned several glaring issues on the Indian Country Today newscast.

On how COVID-19 is spreading in Indian Country: "The things we've been struggling with over time ... we have an over-representation for the presence of the disease."

On the lack of consistent underfunding: "Within IHS huge swaths of Indian Country have been underfunded since the beginning."

On how tribal colleges have had to adapt in this pandemic: "I see this as a fast forward evolution."

On the vital need for broadband access: "Our infrastructure needs to catch up. There needs to be cell towers ... in order for my students to have access and the same opportunities as other students across the country."

On the North Dakota law prohibiting face coverings: "During a protest, you're not allowed to wear a face covering. So it's kind of almost ironic now. It's poetic irony I guess." 

Also on the daily newscast, Washington Editor Jourdan Bennett-Begaye reports updated COVID-19 numbers in Indian Country.

The host of the program is Patty Talahongva, executive producer of Indian Country Today.

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