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Indian Country Today is starting a weekday newscast to help inform tribal nations about the pandemic and to see how the novel coronavirus is impacting Native people. We will also cover other stories that arise during this crisis. 

Today's guest is Dean Seneca, chief executive officer of Seneca Scientific Solutions Plus. Seneca has had on-the-ground experience working on infectious disease and pandemics. In 2014 he went to the West Africa country of Sierra Leone and helped lead the fight against the Ebola pandemic. He has an undergraduate degree in planning and design and two masters, one in public health and another in urban and regional planning. He is also veteran, serving in the U.S. Army Reserves as a major for 14 years. He is a citizen of the Seneca Nation. 

Our reporter on today's show is  Jourdan Bennett-Begaye, Dine, Washington editor of Indian Country Today.

Find our tracker, COVID-19 coverage, opinion pieces, list of events cancelled or postponed and more at the Indian Country Today's COVID-19 Syllabus.

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(Read more: A sense of urgency in COVID-19 coverage ... and we need your help)

We also hope to hear from family members who had a loved one die from COVID-19. This is called: Portraits from the Pandemic. Indian Country Today publishes obituaries at no cost. Send the obituary and a photo (more is welcomed) to: 

The first obituary is posted. It’s the story of Gloria Jane Merculief, Deg Hit’an Athabaskan, “A beautiful soul, accepting, peaceful, calm.”

Please continue to send news releases and op eds. 

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I am working on a SAILABILITY at Desert Shores Capri Road Thermal California with AGESSINC (see Facebook) which includes the Red Earth Casino Torress Martinez reservation Thomas Tortes Tribal Chairman. Too bad no-one covered the fact he was the Chairman of the Salton Sea Authority a GOVERNMENT COMISSION FEDERAL which is quite rare.


🙏🏼Ahò and THANK THE CREATOR for YOU ALL creating this broadcast! Ahò! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
🙏🏼May it go faaar and wiiide, as these wise words presently circlulating from our Hopi relatives in the pics...hope this works. 🙏🏼
THIS GIFT, this broadcast, will further inform and UNITE our relatives, native and non-native, as we’re ALL in this boat together. Some may have lifejackets, and some don’t, but we’re finding with humanity that we’re holding on to each other. We’re keeping each other afloat lifting each other up, by assisting those that need and taking precautions to help “flatten the curve,” or slow the spread, not for OUR sakes, but because of the hospital (and morgue) overwhelm. This is likely to be an ongoing situation for some time, so a steady stream of patients allows for actual treatment continuously rather than not having enough ventilators for those that need them. Hospitals are having to decide who gets one and who doesn’t so wait til the rush is over please and take care at home with family. Call, Skype and FaceTime your elders and
cousins. “Cocoon” and serve those most vulnerable.

WE SEE the souls leaving Mother Earth and joining hands with the many others and holding Her, holding US, as we go through this “Gentle Apocalypse.”

Rising with deep Compassion and Love for our neighbors (and our relatives all over our Great Mother Earth), our collective frequency RADIATES to the
u-n-i-verse that we are ready for the new trajectory and a higher way of being.
Even better, humanity’s reset and GIANT PAUSE in movement, has had PROFOUND impact on Gaia’s healing. Water is clearer. Air is cleaner. Birds and dolphins have returned where long forgotten. Someone in a NYC high-rise teeny apartment said they heard the birds for the first time. Families are spending time walking outdoors, looking up at the sky. Seeing stars and noticing way too many satellites.

People are waking up. Getting creative. Planting gardens; what a blessing it is Springtime here! 🙏🏼🌱🎋🍓🍇🍑🥒🥬🌶🌽🥕🍎

Spiritual immunity (of fear), plant medicines (elderberry syrup a good one), and FAITH FAITH FAITH will get us through this. That THIS, this teeny, tiny non-living THING is the cleverest way to bring humanity to its knees without a global catastrophe like a meteor or gigantic earthquakes or great floods or fires or... how about a gentle, Toilet Paper Apocalypse? The original meaning of that word is to lift the veils, or ahem, REVEAL as in Revelations.
2020, the year of Clear Vision. There is a LOT coming to the surface for all of us to see and heal individually and collectively. Mama is healing and so are we. A lot to be seen yet, and it will get tense but we came here to play the big game and those that are going Home have played their part, some of them coming right back in with bells and whistles on in full remembrance of their True Nature. We honor and thank their souls. 🙏🏼

Our true nature lies in the heart, beneath the hurt and next to those we hold dear. That Love IS Source, and IS our true nature, a force stronger than all.

Blessings to ALLLL, May we continue to keep our attention toward the Light ☀️💫🌟

Three Feathers,
Walks with Medicine,
Dances with Spirit
(and drives a bus 🚎😂)


Is that a basketball shooting game in the background?!


Thank you for great UNDERSTANDABLE coverage!!


Congratulations on your first episode, it was very informative and much needed!


Wopila on your newscast. I look forward to it.