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An Indigenous voice joins Congress

We have an update on Hawaii from US Rep. Kaialiʻi Kahele. Plus, all the latest policies coming out of the nation's capital.

U.S. Rep. Kaialiʻi Kahele is serving his first term in Congress, representing Hawaii’s second district. Kaialiʻi is a combat veteran, pilot and commissioned officer in the Hawaii Air National Guard. He joins us today to discuss the 100th anniversary of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, and its significance. 

The border between the U.S. and Canada is still closed, to most people. However, people with tribal ID cards can cross the international border. Recently, Holly Cook Macarro, Red Lake Nation, crossed the international border. She’s a partner with Spirit Rock Consulting and is a regular contributor to our news program. 

During the course of reporting about how artisans build ash baskets, ICT national correspondent Mary Annette Pember had the good fortune to discover a nuanced, emotional story about how traditional Native crafts and life ways can enrich and offer healing to those who do this work.

A slice of our Indigenous world

  • The remains of nine Native American children, who died more than a century ago, are being returned this week to their tribe. 
  • Around 60 large wildfires are burning in the Pacific Northwest, threatening tribal lands
  • North Dakota’s seventh annual Indian Education Summit begins today in the capital city. 
  • The Cherokee Nation Tribal Council in Oklahoma is waiving the tribe’s sovereign immunity, for a specific purpose. 
  • Olympic surfing is exposing the whitewashed history of an art form that is Indigenous to Hawaii.

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