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On the eve of this nation's Independence Day celebration, it's time to reflect on the first people of this country. What do you know about Indian Country? Tribes? Culture? Language? 

Few states actually mandate Native American curriculum in schools. And when you watch popular media you don't see Native Americans either in front of the screen or behind the scenes. 

One place you do see caricatures of Native peoples is in the world of sports. Native mascots can be seen in professional football, baseball and hockey. But at what cost? Why is that? And what is being done about the invisibility of Native peoples? 

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Crystal Echo Hawk is the founder of IllumiNative. This non-profit is designed to increase the visibility of Native Nations in American society. 

Joseph Gone is a professor of anthropology at Harvard University and the former president-elect of the Society of Indian Psychologists. 

Also in the newscast, Jourdan Bennett-Begaye has the latest numbers of positive COVID-19 tests in Indian Country.

The anchor and executive producer of the newscast is Patty Talahongva.