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NCAI conference is already heating up

On the program today is the new director of the largest Native American association. Plus we hear about a public safety study from the largest tribe, the Navajo Nation.

The National Congress of American Indians is holding its mid-year conference this week and it has already had a major announcement made at the annual meeting. Joining us today to talk about the conference is the Chief Executive Officer, Dante Desiderio. 

A public safety study says the Navajo Nation needs 750 police officers to meet community demands. There’s less than 200, in a land base the same size as New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island combined. Arlyssa Becenti reported on the study and ICT shared it earlier this month with the headline: Navajo police need 775 new officers, report says.

A slice of our Indigenous world

The leadership of the Cowess-ess First Nation says more than 750 bodies have been found in unmarked graves at a former residential school in Saskatchewan. 
A racial equity panel in Kansas is examining schools’ use of offensive and derogatory Native mascots. 
In central California, Native Americans are petitioning to rename Squaw Valley, because the name is a racial slur. 
The Blackfeet Nation in Montana is making plans to take back its food system.

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