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Buffy Sainte-Marie continues to shine

Musician, actor, activist, and ICT newscast theme song writer Buffy Sainte-Marie joins us today. And the Hopi have started their own version of a Food Network show, we'll hear more. Plus, ICT political correspondent Pauly Denetclaw has the latest election coverage
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"Chopped" is a popular food program on the Food Network. Contestants compete against one another to come up with cool culinary dishes. In northern Arizona, people from the Hopi Tribe are putting their own spin on this program. They've come up with "Hopi Chopped," a competition put on by the Hopi Wellness Center. Joining us with the details are Jessica Quamahongnewa, who is diabetes prevention educator and Elvia Sanchez, the manager of the Hopi Wellness Center.

Buffy Sainte-Marie is a Cree Canadian-American singer-songwriter and an Indigenous rights advocate. Her work has focused on issues facing Native peoples of the Americas. ICT's Patty Talahongva spoke with her about her artistry.

ICT partnered with First Nations Experience (FNX) and KVCR in San Bernardino, California to bring you live coverage on election night. In total, 143 Indigenous people ran for public office this year. Compare this to 114 who ran for public office two years ago. ICT Political Correspondant Pauly Denetclaw joins us today to give us the highlights.

A slice of our Indigenous world:

  • Harvard University released a statement last week stating it has hair clippings from 700 Native children.

  • In Maine, the FBI is investigating the illegal selling of ancestor remains.

  • A beloved Anishinaabe author is being recognized for her entrepreneurial spirit.

  • The Tate Modern art gallery in London, England is showcasing a new large scale installation has an Indigenous environmental message.
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