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Indigenously floating through space

We are floating through space on this special edition of ICT's newscast. Plus, we will be talking with Native astronauts and Indigenous engineers who work at NASA
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Welcome to this special edition of ICT where we are going to be exploring a world outside of earth ... space! We will talk with Indigenous astronauts and engineers who work at NASA. 

The world space association celebrated "Space Week" in early October. Its theme: “Women in Space.” ICT Anchor Aliyah Chavez interviewed Raquel Redhouse, Diné. She has worked at NASA for 18 years and has held several titles in that time working at the nation’s leading agency for space exploration. 

Kaitlin Onawa Boysel spoke with the first Native astronaut who lived on the International Space Station for more than a week. John Herrington shared with us the issues he faced while trying to get a good night’s rest.

NASA's next generation of Natives: After the moon it's the 2020 Mission to Mars
Yá'át'ééh from Máaz

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Aaron Yazzie is Diné and says when he first started studying the planet Mars, he thought it looked a little like the Navajo Nation. Yazzie is a mechanical engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. His most extensive contributions are for missions to the planet Mars. 

Women make up half of the college educated workforce but only 28 percent of them go into science and engineering, according to the National Science Board. One Arizona non-profit hopes to change that. Kaitlin Onawa Boysel has more on the “Taking Up Space” camp. 

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Today's newscast was created with work from: 

Mark Trahant, Shoshone-Bannock, is editor of Indian Country Today. On Twitter: @TrahantReports Trahant is based in Phoenix. 

Kaitlin Onawa Boysel, Cherokee, is a producer/reporter for Indian Country Today. On Instagram: @KaitlinBoysel Boysel is based in South Carolina. 

Maxwell Montour, Pottawatomi, is a newscast editor for Indian Country Today. On Instagram: max.montour Montour is based in Phoenix.