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Medicine gardens in Chicago

We hear from Native leaders making a difference through medicine gardens and cycling to bring awareness to the trauma of federal boarding schools. Plus, a legal update of a sacred site that was demolished in Oregon
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The passions of Anthony Tamez-Pochel, First Nations Cree and Lakota, include land-based education. Tamez-Pochel was a speaker at last week's White House Youth Forum where he talked about food sovereignty and land security. He tells us about his work co-founding the First Nations Community Garden based in Chicago.

Guarina Lopez is the founder of Native Women Ride, which is a virtual community that gives exposure to Indigenous cyclists. She is based in Washington D.C. and recently rode to Carlisle, Pennsylvania to pay tribute to the Native children that were taken to that federal Indian boarding school. She joins ICT's newscast to share more about her 220-mile cycling journey. 

In 2008, the federal government destroyed a sacred site near Mt. Hood in Oregon. The state wanted to widen a highway. To do that, they bulldozed a place where tribal leaders say a sacred site once stood. ICT and Underscore reporter Chris Aadland tells us more about the case: Slockish vs. U.S. Federal Highway Administration. 

(Read more: Court hears destruction of Indigenous religious site appeal)

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A slice of our Indigenous world 

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