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Veterans honored through sculpture

On this Veteran’s Day edition of the ICT Newscast, Michael Naranjo has made a name for himself in the world of sculpture, despite not being able to see. A new Children’s book "Mashkiki Road" teaches Ojibwe values. It's a traditional among the Pueblo people for the men to weaved clothes for the family
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New Mexico artist Michael Naranjo says sculpting is an obsession for him. He is described as "the artist who sees with his hands."

"Returning Home" is a book about the Intermountain Indian School in Utah. It was the largest federal boarding school that operated between 1950 and 1984. One of the three authors is Farina King. She’s an associate professor of Native American Studies at the University of Oklahoma.

“Mashkiki Road” teaches traditional Red Lake Ojibwe values through the adventures of three cousins. Elizabeth Barrett wrote the story and Jonathan Thunder illustrated the book that was inspired by her uncle Thomas Barrett.

Among the Pueblo people, it is not uncommon to see men making traditional clothing for their families and communities. Cris Velarde is the Cultural Arts Specialist at the Poeh Cultural Center near Santa Fe, New Mexico. He teaches weaving classes.


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