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Land back for the Tunica-Biloxi

On the Thursday edition of the ICT Newscast, a debate in Montana focuses on Native issues. Talks about Cannabis gears up after President Biden’s recent pardons. The Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana celebrates a land-back victory
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Marijuana legislation continues to be a topic of discussion for tribal communities. Earlier this month, President Joe Biden granted pardons for those convicted of a simple marijuana possession. This, of course, has still left many questions for Indian Country. ICT’s McKenzie Allen-Charmley sat down with the founder and CEO of the Marijuana Industry Trade Association in Arizona Demitri Downing.

In the late 1700s, the Tunica-Biloxi people first settled in what became the Mississippi Valley. According to the tribe, the people were skilled traders and entrepreneurs. And while they've been in the area for centuries, they didn't get federal recognition until 1981. Today there are about 1,500 citizens. For years, tribal leaders tried to get ownership of the Marksville Historic State Park, a place that is home to burial sites. Last month, their efforts came to fruition. Marshall Pierite is the chairman of the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana.

Western Native Voice, a Native organization in Billings, Montana, hosted a debate for candidates running to be elected to the U.S. Congress out of the state’s first district. ICT’s Kolby KickingWoman was there.

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