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An overdue apology

On the Thursday edition of the ICT Newscast, Sacheen Littlefeather talks Academy Museum of Motion Pictures honor. See a preview the upcoming People of the Ocean Festival. Plus, Valentina Clitso is the newly crowned Miss Navajo Nation
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This weekend the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is hosting an event called "An Evening with Sacheen Littlefeather” to honor her life's work. This comes after the Academy’s apology to Littlefeather decades after she refused an Oscar award on behalf of actor Marlon Brando. ICT’s Senior Editor Dianna Hunt has this interview.

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Each year the Aquarium of the Pacific celebrates and honors the relationship between tribes along California's coast and their connection to the ocean. The annual Moompetam Festival will be held this weekend. The name translates to People of the Ocean. Cindi Alvitre, co-founder, Ti'at Society and Traditional Council Of Pimu tells us more.

Newly-crowned Miss Navajo Valentina Clitso won several awards last weekend, including best butcherer, best traditional food, best essay and best skill. She joins the ICT Newscast in our Phoenix studio.

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  • Experts have identified more than 150 policy changes in a new report on Native farming. This week, the Native Farm Bill Coalition released Gaining Ground, a 136-page document outlines ways to strengthen food security and infrastructure for tribal nations and Native producers.
  • There is a new push to return land rights to Indigenous people in California’s Bay Area. Last week, leaders from the City of Oakland said it was beginning the process of turning 5 acres of land to Indigenous stewardship. Known as Sequoia Point, if approved by the city’s council, the city would remain the owners, but would allow the non-profit and local tribes to use the land.
  • Young Inuit people are learning ways to uphold their traditions and modern technology in a changing landscape. ICT’s Pacey Smith-Garcia has the story, with footage came from Hakai Magazine headquartered from Victoria, Canada.
  • The White House’s Office of Management and Budget is announcing its first ever Tribal Advisor. Elizabeth Carr is a Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa citizen. This new historic position is the first of its kind in the office and was created out of conversations with Indigenous leaders.

Today's newscast was created with work from:

Shirley Sneve, Ponca/Sicangu Lakota, is vice president of broadcasting for the ICT Newscast. Follow her on Twitter @rosebudshirley. She is based in Nebraska and Minnesota.

Aliyah Chavez, Kewa Pueblo, is the anchor of the ICT Newscast. On Twitter: @aliyahjchavez.

R. Vincent Moniz, Jr., NuÉta, is the senior producer of the ICT Newscast. Have a great story? Pitch it to

McKenzie Allen-Charmley, Dena’ina Athabaskan, is a producer of the ICT Newscast. On Twitter: @mallencharmley.

Patty Talahongva, Hopi, works for ICT. Follow her on Twitter: @WiteSpider.

Maxwell Montour, Pottawatomi, is a newscast editor for the ICT Newscast. On Instagram: max.montour. Montour is based in Phoenix.

Kaitlin Onawa Boysel, Cherokee, is a producer/ reporter for ICT. On Instagram: @KaitlinBoysel.

Drea Yazzie, Diné, is a producer/editor for the ICT newscast. On Twitter: @quindreayazzie Yazzie is based in Phoenix.

Sierra Alvarez, Navajo, is an intern for the ICT newscast. On Twitter: @sierraealvarez.

Pacey Smith-Garcia, Ute, is an intern for the ICT newscast. On Twitter: @paceyjournalist

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