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National Indigenous Peoples Day

It's National Indigenous Peoples Day! Joining us on the show is Leena Minifie, a former journalist who now produces media and content. Plus Pura Fe from Ulali, a singer and a songwriter who performed at Indigenous Day Live.

More than 25 years ago, Indigenous people in Canada started pushing the federal government to recognize the contributions of First Nations people to the country.

In 1982, the National Indian Brotherhood called for the creation of a National Aboriginal Solidarity Day.

And in 1995, both the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples and the Sacred Assembly called for the same.

One year later, the governor general of Canada Proclaimed June 21 of each year, National Aboriginal Day.

Today it’s called National Indigenous Peoples Day.

The National Indian Brotherhood is known as the Assembly of First Nations.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of National Indigenous Peoples Day. It celebrates the diverse cultures and contributions by the First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples.

Joining us to talk about the significance of this day is Leena Minifie, a former journalist who now produces media and content.

Since 2007, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network has broadcast a concert to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day.

The concert also marks the summer solstice as people watch on screens across Canada.

Indigenous Day Live is the name of the concert that celebrates the heritage and diverse cultures of the Indigenous people in Canada.

This year’s concert lineup featured music collaborations and was held Sunday.

Joining us to talk about the music is Pura Fe. She’s been a singer, songwriter, Many people may know her from the group Ulali.

A slice of our Indigenous world 

  • Deb Haaland is asking for a 17 percent increase in the Interior Department’s budget. 
  • Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada.
  • Congress and President Biden acted with unusual swiftness last week in approving Juneteenth as a national holiday.
  • A mistake 150 years ago is finally being corrected in favor of the Yakama Nation. 
  • And The Ute Tribe in Utah is suing to get back its water.
  • Three Native American tribes are teaming up to build a hotel in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. 
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