What's your Nerd Score? The Official @VinceSchilling #NativeNerd Assessment Quiz

Vincent Schilling

I did my utmost in creating what I feel is the best possible way to gauge your own personal levels of Native Nerdism

I have been thinking of a way to reach out to Indian Country to provide the best service I could possibly think of in the world of Native-Nerdism and I have come up with a fantastic solution.

My Official Native Nerd Assessment Quiz!

I am very proud of it. (Of course I am writing how proud I am as I am just now creating the quiz, but I have a trajectory of content, and an idea to grasp onto, so I am proud!) I am also a Native Nerd. which gives me additional bit of credence for my actions.

I will do my best to cover all the Native Nerd topic concepts and I will offer a scorecard and tabulation of sorts so that you may discover just how much of a Native Nerd you are!

Enjoy the Native Nerd magic!

Question 1 - What type of phone do you prefer?

  1. I have an android smartphone. If it was up to me I would get rid of Knox, as it has gotten in the way of my customization of ROMs.
  2. I have the newest iPhone, virus threats are low.
  3. I have a Consumer Cellular flip-phone
  4. I have the latest Samsung
  5. I don’t have a cellphone. My cord gets tangled, but it is the best reception.

Question 2 - What is your favorite way to watch a movie?

  1. Amazon, Google Play, or Movies Anywhere on my phone
  2. Amazon, Google Play, or Movies Anywhere on my computer
  3. iTunes
  4. Opening night at the theater, wearing a shirt of one of the movie characters, or in cosplay and I look forward to the free gift the theater might have.
  5. On VHS or DVD

Question 3 - What is the way you treat a comic book?

  1. Read them carefully, and put them on a shelf, but not too overboard.
  2. Read them in the bathroom, keep them on the floor.
  3. Read them ensuring your hands are clean. Store them in form-fitting plastic bags, with cardboard acid-free backing. Panic if someone else wants to look at them. Even if a comic is worth 500 dollars, never once even consider selling it.
  4. Put them into a Christmas stocking that the kids might enjoy for Christmas.
  5. I am not really a fan of comic books.

Question 4 - How many of the Star Wars movies have you seen?

  1. I saw the first three, then I saw bits and pieces of others.
  2. 4-8 of them
  3. I haven’t seen a Star Wars movie.
  4. 9 of them
  5. Wait, are you talking about the three separate trilogies as if they were one unit each? Also are you including the spin-offs and TV programs over the years, because some would say there are as many as 18 different shows, films and more. Including animated movies. Can you be a little more specific please?

Question 5 - What is the best way to take a selfie?

  1. With your camera phone. Duh.
  2. Well, it depends, what social media are you posting to? What filters do you want me to use? Snapchat is the best, but Instagram is catching up! The dog filter is cutest usually.
  3. Hold your arm out as far as possible, Make sure that the sun is behind you, try a few shots with your rear camera as the lens is a lot friendlier. Use filters after for the best effect. But third-party have extra options outside of regular social media.
  4. Give someone your camera and tell them to take it,
  5. I don’t take selfies unless someone else does it and I’m in it.

Question 6 - What type of computer or laptop do you have?

  1. I have a nice computer and / or laptop that I use for surfing the web, reading emails and going on to the internet.
  2. I have a midgrade desktop computer and / or laptop I use with decent specs. I need a bit of speed as I usually have quite a few programs open that I need to use at different times during the day.
  3. I use it once in a while. I don’t know it very well, my kids got it for me.
  4. I don’t have a laptop or desktop. But I go onto my family member’s computer to check emails once in awhile. They also help me buy things online.
  5. A laptop OR a desktop computer? I have BOTH for crying out loud. And both of my machines have the optimum specs with maxed out processors, maxed out RAM and the latest NVIDIA GeForce gaming cards. I also got rid of the annoying disc drives and replaced them with SSD’s. It’s BLAZING!!!!

Question 7 - What is your stance on the growing world of superheros in movies?

  1. I don’t like superhero movies.
  2. Pretty cool. But I am more into the Transformer movies.
  3. I like superhero movies, i have seen at least five of the Marvel or DC movies over the past few years.
  4. Awesome, I LOVE them. I have seen quite a few movies and I own quite a few as well. Keep them coming!
  5. I am literally hyperventilating reading this question. I have not missed one single movie unless something way out of character came up and I own all the movies or I am actively working to get them all. (I can’t go completely broke) I am also looking forward to movies like Aquaman, Avengers after the Infinity War, Spider-Man and more more more!!!!

Question 8 - How many action figures do you own?

  1. I don’t own any, but my kids do.
  2. I have an old action figure in a drawer somewhere that I had as a kid.
  3. I have a couple in boxes somewhere, they might be collector’s items someday.
  4. I have few around my desk, I am a bit of a nerd.
  5. I have them everywhere. In my bookshelf, in my toy box (or whatever ‘adult’ name you have given it) and they are constantly in my view. We are talking Star Wars, Marvel, DC and even random no-name funny ones I just liked and bought. I have a few more I’d like to buy as well to add to my collection.

Question 9 - How many character, movie or funny t-shirts do you own?

  1. I have about 5 movie or funny shirts.
  2. I am not sure, I might have a funny one my kids gave me, let me check.
  3. 6 -8
  4. 8 - 10
  5. 11 or more, but probably many more from such things as Star Wars, Spongebob, Funny Quotes with characters such as Bigfoot, T-Rex and others as well as other shirts with Marvel, DC, comic books and more. If there is a special Nerdy event, I have the t-shirt to go with it.

Question 10 - How involved have you gotten with a video game?

  1. Video games aren’t really my thing.
  2. I have played a few, but I didn’t really stick with them.
  3. I have a few favorite games I go back to again and again.
  4. I often play games, and I often look forward to the latest games from developers I know well.
  5. I have entire virtual worlds I have created within my game. I have spent more money on the game’s additional rewards above and beyond the initial purchase price. People know my gamer handle and though I have a few definite favorites of which I am invested in, i look for new challenges. I am a gamer.

Ok So here are the scoring guidelines!

Below these scorekeeping guidelines are your Native Nerd Scores!

Question 1: 1 - 5 points 2 - 3 points 3 - 1 points 4 - 2 points 5 - 0 points

Question 2: 1 - 3 points 2 - 3 points 3 - 2 points 4 - 5 points 5 - 0 points

Question 3: 1 - 2 points 2 - 0 points 3 - 5 points 4 - 1 points 5 - 0 points

Question 4: 1 - 1 points 2 - 2 points 3 - 0 points 4 - 3 points 5 - 5 points

Question 5: 1 - 1 points 2 - 3 points 3 - 5 points 4 - 0 points 5 - 1 points

Question 6: 1 - 2 points 2 - 3 points 3 - 1 points 4 - 0 points 5 - 5 points

Question 7: 1 - 0 points 2 - 2 points 3 - 3 points 4 - 4 points 5 - 5 points

Question 8: 1 - 0 points 2 - 1 points 3 - 2 points 4 - 3 points 5 - 5 points

Question 9: 1 - 2 points 2 - 0 points 3 - 3 points 4 - 4 points 5 - 5 points

Question 10: 1 - 0 points 2 - 1 points 3 - 3 points 4 - 4 points 5 - 5 points

So what type of Native Nerd are you?

0 points

Super Duper Holy Moley Mr. or Mrs. SERIOUS!!!

Wow! Not ONE point? Whoa, I guess you don’t like any of the nerdy wacky things out there that so many of us Native Nerds DO love. But Guess what? You have something going for you! You are reading this article! So you do have some sort of desire to stretch your brain into the world of nerdism. Let yourself cut loose a little bit. Undo that top collar button. Jump into a pool one time without checking the temperature. Buy an action figure and keep it in your glovebox. No one has to know. Come back here every Friday. You are welcome with open arms.

1 - 10 points

The “Serious Furrowed Brow I HAVE A QUESTION Pants” NON-Nerd

Ok, Ok, so maybe Native Nerdism isn’t really your thing. But you have a bit of playfulness in there somewhere. So maybe you might be the lone person in the back of the theater watching the latest Ant-Man Wasp-Girl movie. It’s ok, I won’t judge you. But just know this, we need you out there standing tall for us Native Nerds! Who else is going to keep track of the statistical data we all need when filing all those accounting reports? Not me, I’ll be at the Avengers movie premiere!

11 - 20 points

The “I have a bit of silliness in me and know my way around a smartphone” almost Nerd

Ok, you have a few mild Nerd tendencies, but might still find yourself struggling when things get a little too technical. Though you do know the basics of a smartphone. You probably went to see a Star is Born with Lady Gaga as opposed to Venom with Tom Hardy. You know how to order online, but probably don’t know how to return items. You can install an app, but don’t know how to register a new account. You struggle, but are lovable. Keep coming back here to learn more!

21- 30 points

The “Almost a middle of the road” Nerd

You enjoy the movies, like the t-shirts, own some of the funny toys, but you aren’t really able to discuss much about them, when it comes to some extreme nerds that know WAY too much history about the movies or comic characters. But you can attend a double-feature which is great fun, but the heck if you are going to go to more than that in one day. You have things to do! When all the nerds are having a hangout, you are the lifesaver with other life skills to offer such as making great snacks or planning a party. Extreme nerds couldn’t live without you.

31 - 40 points

The “Invested in a good deal of Nerdology, Call me by my username” Nerd

You have achieved so much. And the Native Nerd world is so very proud of you. You can hang tight with Native Nerds worldwide and wouldn’t blink at an all-day movie extravaganza that shows six of the Marvel movies before the latest movie release. You’ve been there, you’ve got the T-shirt. BUT … you may not always be willing to flaunt it. At least not in front of everyone. Which is why your gamer username is so important to you. That said — You are not THAT big of a Nerd. You still want to look cool (Which you do) and want to act cool (Which you do.) You may be an awesome nerd, but you willingly hold off in claiming it. No worries, we got love for you here.

41 - 49 points

The proud ”I love my beautiful fantastic Native Nerd self!” Nerd

You take selfies like a god, you have a vast supply of t-shirts, action figures, comic books and computer software that would allow you to start a new company in Silicon Valley. YOU are a PROUD NERD. You have one gamer name across several platforms wherever possible and likely have a Twitch channel. You have seen every movie possible that has the slightest hint of a microchip and people seek you for technology trivia teams. There is a game no one on earth can beat you at. You are in NERD Nirvana.

50 points

The VinceSchilling “Gold Medal, Native Nerd Award-Winning, #NativeNerd” Nerd! Aka ULTIMATE KINDRED NERD!

First of all - you have every single quality of the The proud ”I love my beautiful fantastic Native Nerd self!” Nerd described above but you also received the coveted PERFECT SCORE!

Which, truth be told, I did as well. We are Native Nerd kindred spirits! So take a look at your desk around you and cherish the action figure looking back at you with pride. Know that your comic books or graphic novels are housed safely into their protective covers and that we will continue to thrive in this amazing world as long as nerds continue to create more fantastic worlds out there for us to explore! You ARE THE ULTIMATE KINDRED NERD!


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