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What matters — now more than ever

Your investment in ICT helps us grow

Every day I am reminded of how fortunate I am to work for a nonprofit startup that delivers news about Native communities.

Just in the last week we told our online and public television audiences about wildfires that threatened tribal lands in Montana and the latest court ruling in Minnesota over the controversial Enbridge Line 3 pipeline. We introduced them to a dozen athletes competing in the Paralympics in Tokyo as well as to a Native actress who offered her take on increased Indigenous representation in TV shows.

We tell stories rarely covered by mainstream media, written and produced by Indigenous journalists for an Indigenous audience. In these changing times, finding accurate information about Native people and their issues is vital to Indigenous communities.

That’s why Indian Country Today matters, and why your support of ICT matters — now more than ever.


Every donation you make helps sustain our growing news operation. In the next three years, we are focused on three primary areas: broadcast excellence, compelling storytelling and the next generation.

Your investment in ICT will help us upgrade our broadcast studio, allow us to tell more news stories you’ve never heard before, and enable us to mentor and hire more Indigenous journalists.

Each day I look forward to ICT’s news coverage of Indigenous communities that I can’t find anywhere else. And in turn, I am reminded that it’s possible through your contributions. Thank you.

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Karen Michel
President, Indian Country Today
President and CEO, IndiJ Public Media


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