Video shows tourists mocking Native drummer in Santa Fe

Vincent Schilling

Oglala Lakota drummer John SwiftBird says he often sings traditional pow wow songs and the women were likely intoxicated

A video has surfaced on Facebook in which four women appear to be dancing in a mocking way at an Oglala Lakota street performer and traditional drummer John Swiftbird.

The video was posted to Facebook by Steve Wilkerson, a man who was visiting the Santa Fe area at the time of the incident. His posted video has received thousands of views and hundreds of comments. He also gave the video to the Santa Fe New Mexican, which posted the video to YouTube.

After initial interactions of the women -- who are wearing cowboy hats -- the man recording the video says "You should be embarrassed." The women begin to walk away and some cover their faces with their hats. He also asks the women for their names, which they do not give.

One of the women says "I'm gonna f---n kill you. Kill your mother."

The person filming asks if the women are racists, which they deny. He also films their license plate.

The plate and faces have been blocked by the Santa Fe New Mexican on the video that has been uploaded to their channel.

On the Santa Fe news channel KRQE, Swiftbird says he was singing traditional Lakota powwow songs when the women approached. "Some group of young women who were dressed in the same attire were kind of intoxicated jumping up and down to the songs I was singing, making mockery sounds."

The KQRE video with Swiftbird's interview is available for viewing here:

Wilkerson, who caught the moments on video, told the Santa Fe New Mexican that he had heard the women "screaming, hooting and hollering" and began filming.

"They were totally disrespectful, and after what happened recently in Washington, maybe they felt this was OK to do.”

Attempts to identify the women have not been successful.

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Those horrible people need to be charged with, hate crimes. They need to be held in the Santa fe county jail until trial due to being flight risk.