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  1. FBI seeking to repatriate thousands of Native artifacts ‘collected’ by Christian missionary
  2. Albuquerque becomes city in America to recognize tribal sovereignty by establishing government-to-government relations
  3. A Native Embassy Row? Navajo Nation is looking for a DC home
  4. Two Lumbees audition for season 2 of ‘American Idol’
  5. John Pinto is 94, a Navajo code talker, and the longest-serving member of the New Mexico Senate
  6. Lumbee receives a golden ticket on ‘American Idol’
  7. Mystery Solved! Name found of Native man in headdress that was sought by German museum
  8. Beyond IHS: Navajo director takes on Grey’s Anatomy
  9. Appeals court hears Texas case challenging Indian Child Welfare Act; Judge says ‘They are not your children … they are the children of the tribes’
  10. Seasonal complaint: 'Missionaries are on our reservation!'

Top 5 Archives

  1. The True Story of Pocahontas: Historical Myths Versus Sad Reality
  2. Natural Pain Relief: 9 Alternatives to Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen or Aspirin
  3. 10 Native Inventions and Innovations That Changed the World
  4. Two Spirits, One Heart, Five Genders
  5. The Word Squaw: Offensive or Not?

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