Top 10 Stories: What Indian Country read this past week as of Jan 5, 2019

Vincent Schilling

Week's end review of the top stories in Indian Country Today, picked by our readers.

Here are this past week’s top 10 stories ending January 5, 2019.

Top 10

  1. Video of Crow elders presenting War Bonnet to soldier with honor song goes viral
  2. Suzan Shown Harjo: White Folks’ Hair Fetish
  3. #NativeHumor: 10 Native New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Probably Never See
  4. Roma is a beautiful film of Indigenous erasure
  5. A tribute to those who always imagined Native women in the Congress
  6. Elizabeth Warren announces her intention to run for President in 2020
  7. Live blog: The new Congress takes office, new chapter for Indian Country
  8. Make that deal? House plan would fund government, narrow fight on border issues
  9. Where to watch the new 116th Congress members sworn in on Thursday
  10. Clock is ticking for a holiday shutdown; BIA, IHS workers, contracts will be hit

Top 5 Archives

  1. The True Story of Pocahontas: Historical Myths Versus Sad Reality
  2. The Truth About the Wounded Knee Massacre
  3. Natural Pain Relief: 9 Alternatives to Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen or Aspirin
  4. The Traumatic True History and Name List of the Dakota 38
  5. #NativeHumor: 10 Ways to Tell You Might Be Native American

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