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  1. Oklahoma governor: Casinos are an 'unjust enrichment to tribes'
  2. Navajo barista grandma keeps people caffeinated on Mutton Curve
  3. The Genocide Bowl (or what most people call Super Bowl LIV)
  4. How the Kansas City Chiefs got their name and the Boy Scout Tribe of Mic-O-Say
  5. Iowa caucus, Native style
  6. Choctaw, Kansas City football player celebrates Super Bowl victory
  7. Tribal leaders call Bears Ears opening an 'unlawful action'
  8. Clear data: Native people are 'deeply insulted' by NFL team name
  9. Against all odds, four children survived an Alaskan blizzard
  10. Remembering Selena can heal our hearts and souls

Top 5 Archives

  1. Yes world, there were horses in Native culture before the settlers came
  2. Natural Pain Relief: 9 Alternatives to Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen or Aspirin
  3. The True Story of Pocahontas: Historical Myths Versus Sad Reality
  4. The white supremacy of Elizabeth Warren
  5. National Geographic finds new Alaska Native cast member for 'Life Below Zero' on YouTube

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