The Indian Country Today weekly Video News Report: by Vincent Schilling: 9-8-18

Vincent Schilling

More Native women running for office than men, Haaland's heritage questioned, a Choctaw Nation employee fired and more.

Video created and edited by Vincent Schilling (Akwesasne Mohawk)

Stories included in this report:

More Native women than men are running for governors, state legislators

New Mexico GOP candidate Janice Arnold-Jones questions Deb Haalands heritage

Pinrose and Sephora apologize, cancel production of starter witch kit

Choctaw Nation Poteau Health Clinic Employee Snapchats Anti-Native Comments

'A lobotomy of the Brazilian memory' as Brazils oldest museum gutted by fire

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Thank you for the weekly update. Here in Arkansas, we have limited access to Indian Country news. For future reference, the OK town in your story of the nurse fired for snapchat is pronounced "Poto," both o's long, accent on the "Po." I lived near there for seven years. Richard Livingston, MD, Cherokee