The Indian Country Today Weekly Video News Report by Vincent Schilling: 10-13-18

Vincent Schilling

ICWA unconstitutional? Sharice Davids gets a racist homophobic message, Indigenous People's Day photos and more

Video created and edited by Vincent Schilling (Akwesasne Mohawk)

Stories included in this report:

Texas Judge rules Indian Child Welfare Act as unconstitutional

Racist. Mean. Sad. Ugly. Pick the word: GOP official attacks Sharice Davids

TikTok (formerly apologizes for headdress filter, removes it

8 Myths and Atrocities About #ChristopherColumbus and #ColumbusDay

25 empowering photos: The #IndigenousPeoplesDay2018 celebration in Los Angeles

My lifelong #NativeNerd love for the X-Men - Dark Phoenix Movie Trailer Released

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I loved your shark tie! One of my aumakua is Great White Shark. They are my Grandmothers & keep me safe while swimming in shark infested cold waters in San Francisco Bay. I grew up swimming from Aquatic Park to Alcatraz to the Ferry Building. Great Whites in SF Bay have a unique DNA among the Great Whites. If they attack a person, it is purely by accident because they have mistaken you for prey. Some of them can be rubbed underneath their chins & on their bellies, that will cause them to float belly up in a state called "tonic". May your shark medicine be a big blessing from my Grandmothers to yours!