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The big day is a few days away! Election Day. It’ll be the third time ICT has broadcasted election night live with our partner, FNX - First Nations Experience.

It’s incredible to witness the behind-the-scenes and how that has evolved since 2018. That year we broadcasted for five hours from FNX’s studio in San Bernardino, California, with correspondents across the nation. Air time was cut down to two hours in 2020 and filmed from Phoenix, Arizona. This year we’re going live for three hours from FNX’s studio again with approximately a dozen correspondents.

We try to keep in mind that no one has done this before. Except us. We learned every year how to bring viewers great television and tweak the endless logistics it takes to make the dream work as smoothly as possible. The big one: we rely on each others’ strengths. That’s the extraordinary part of what we do. It truly is a team effort to create a night this grand. It starts from reporting all year long from our reporters, connecting with sources, capturing videos and photos, to fundraising and the business team making sure the I’s are dotted and T’s crossed. Shoutout to our executive producer Jennifer Canfield, Dena’ina Athabascan, for producing the big show.

Come election night, our digital report will be led by our managing editor Dalton Walker. He and the digital team will bring you the latest numbers for 87 candidates from 20 states in this general election at and our social media platforms.

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Speaking of numbers. Our political correspondent Pauly Denetclaw did the math and found there were more than 130 Indigenous candidates who ran for public office this year from school boards to Congress. A clear increase from 2018. Here is the list of candidates appearing on the November ballot.

A few stories to catch up on before Tuesday. Our digital reporter Kalle Benallie looked at the urban Native vote, a vote often overlooked. It’s a great read considering many Native folks live in urban areas. Kalle also wrote about what voters look for in candidates this midterm election with contributions from other reporters. Reporter Carina Dominguez also found that after election day, there will be seven Indigenous women sitting on the justice court level in Arizona.

I hope you can tune in to see our team’s hard work this entire year. Remember to stay updated at for updates on races after Tuesday. Keep an eye out for another email from us on how to form a watch party and capture your party for social media!

Jourdan Bennett-Begaye
Editor, ICT

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