Supaman releases new powerful video, ‘Miracle’

Supaman - Miracle feat. Maimouna Youssef
Supaman - Miracle feat. Maimouna Youssef

Happy Native American Heritage Month! The Water Wars continue! Many think that the movement at Standing Rock has come and gone, not knowing that was only a w...

Vincent Schilling

Supaman teams up with two Grammy-nominated artists, singer Maimouna Youssef and violinist Luisa Bastidas

Hip-hop artist, emcee and traditional dancer, Christian Takes Gun Parrish, known as Supaman, has just released his latest music video, titled: Miracle, accompanied by the Grammy-nominated Choctaw hip-hop artist Maimouna Youssef. In addition to Youssef, Grammy award-winning violinist Luisa Bastidas adds another layer to the hip-hop musical genre.

Supaman, known for infusing Native culture and hip-hop culture in his music, says the video for Miracle, featuring Youssef, is “much more than a Water is Life song. It holds so much more meaning and symbolism throughout that the average viewer might miss.”

Youssef, who has been featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert with Black Thought, delivers lyrics supporting the efforts of Standing Rock water protectors and “the spirit of the Ghost Dance” alongside Supaman.

The video tells the story of the Indigenous struggle in fighting for water rights. In a powerful opening scene, Indigenous women warriors are seen standing on the front lines at Standing Rock in addition to other women warriors, who are dressed in the red elk tooth dresses while wearing war bonnets, which are significant to Supaman’s people, the Apsaalooke.

Supaman also says the red colors give tribute and awareness to the Missing and murdered Indigenous women across Turtle Island.

In a statement to ICT, Supaman says the spirit of the Ghost Dance and the unifying of all Indigenous cultures of the video stands as a testament that the Indigenous struggle for water rights have not faded after Standing Rock.

“Many think that the movement at Standing Rock has come and gone, not knowing that was only a wake-up call to what is happening around the world! Indigenous people continue to lead the fight against big corporations who only wish to profit at the expense of the people’s well being in the fight for clean water.”

Supaman also cited the importance of #MAG7 artists being recognized at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2017, in which Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas pulled together a group of amazing Indigenous artists on a song and video titled “Stand Up” (For Standing Rock.) The video went on to win an MTV VMA award of which veteran Native emcee Supaman was a part.

Supaman also emphasizes the power of the Ghost Dance movement, which was started in the 1800s by a Paiute medicine man, Wovoka.

“This was a spiritual movement of dance promoting hope, unity, and peace amongst the people. In the video, you see the beauty of this movement by the many different cultural dances uniting for the same cause. Maimouna also displays her uncanny musical gifts of singing and rapping while taking us on an unprecedented empowering journey of resilience with her verse with lines like “we gave them liberty and they gave us to slaughter, no land of the free, for my forefathers,” said Supaman.

Throughout the video, which is directed by Jihan Hafiz, the imagery pays homage to Indigenous cultures across the world to include the Indigenous people of Gaza, Palestine, Egypt, Mayan, Honduras, Flint, Michigan, Samoa, and Mexico.

“All and all, Miracle is a timely masterpiece which reminds us of and captures the resilient power and value of the Indigenous people,” says Supaman. This is a voice that demands attention in this day and time. Happy Native American Heritage Month!”

You can watch the video on YouTube now.

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This video makes me sad (seeing people brutally attached) but also makes me proud. I see some people from my home reservation in the video. Mni Wconi!


Supaman you know me, come north defy / ignore (our) white man binderies. salmon, orcas, bears, wildlife do not know these arbitrary lines. we need gains on all fronts not big gains on small fronts. Come. And if you believe it, interracial, we are one.


Who are the “indigenous “ people in Gaza????? Arabs in Gaza are not indigenous!!!!!!