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August 22. Day 9 of quarantine. 

Looks like I’m not getting out of here tomorrow. I’ve had a fever of 99.3 all day. I took some Tylenol and I’ve slept all day. I’m getting pretty sick of being in my room. Even though I love my room, and trust me, it’s normally my sanctuary, but knowing that I can’t leave is a totally different thing.

Our house is 111 years old. It was one of the first homes built on the hill by the Osage campus. It was originally Osage land but was given to the city after the 1906 Allotment Act. The Assistant Secretary of the Interior signed off on the lot our home was built on in 1909. I have a copy of the document I’ve been meaning to frame.

In our front yard is a beautiful old American Sycamore. In the summer months, the sunlight filters through the leaves and it’s gorgeous and calming to look at. This is my view every day. It’s not a bad one. Both my youngest sons’ cribs were placed in front of that window. I would lay on my bed, watching them with that gorgeous light coming in on their cribs. When Joseph had jaundice, I placed him in that light, and he got better.

Since we have six children, there really isn’t any space left in this house for a home office. Jason found an old, beat-up desk at a yard sale years ago. It was probably a really nice desk at one time. I think he paid $20 for it. But after some work, and his Tiblow touch, he basically restored it and I love it. It’s mine. He’s good like that. There will be times when I’ll get down in the dumps about not having enough money, and he’ll come up with something spectacular.

With our tax money, we splurged on a really nice foam bed this year, this was right after COVID hit. My brother was wanting to buy some furniture at the Bartlesville Furniture Factory Outlet because it was going out of business and everything was on clearance. The bed was half off and I knew we would never be able to afford the bed under normal circumstances. I couldn’t be happier with it; it’s really abled me to sleep well. It really pays off having a nice bed.

I stood at my door today and opened it. I had my mask on, but I just wanted to listen to the sounds of the house. I could hear my son George laughing in his room, probably talking to his cousins and friends on his gaming console. My sons Joseph and Charles were wrestling in their room. Screaming and laughing, they make me laugh. My daughter was playing her piano with her headphones on. I could hear her hitting the keys and singing softly to whatever she was playing.

Downstairs my husband and Jack were watching a movie. They’re very similar and they were arguing with each other about what to watch next. I’m sure our oldest was in his room, in his sanctuary. He’s got a nice set up and the second largest room in the house. It was the den, but we converted it into a bedroom for him. He needs the privacy and the space.

I was listening to everyone and getting a lump in my throat, missing my family. My husband came up the stairs and I looked at him and said, “Sounds like you all are having a good time.”

He laughed and goes, “Don’t do that, don’t you dare do that. We miss you and we want you out of this room.”

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The deadline for the September edition of the Osage News is coming up. We go to press on Thursday, which means I am going to have to get into news mode and won’t have time to write this COVID diary of mine. So, I think this is the last one I’ll do, and hopefully I won’t have to do another.

It’s been great fun, and it’s been a long time since I got to write for myself. Just got to have fun and express myself. I’m going to be stepping away from some of my other volunteer roles in the community soon and will be focusing on writing my book. I’m excited to see what that will look like and I’m ready for the challenge.

Until next time, Osage County. Stay well, physical distance, wear your mask! Together, we can stop the spread.

Bri.shta Mi^.Ksheh, Kah.Ko.Nah (I’m finished. That’s all I have to say)


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