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Documentary following Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls debuts tonight

Not all heroes wear capes.

Recently, they’ve come in the form of doctors, nurses, grocery store clerks and all the people on the frontlines battling COVID-19.

There has been little reprieve from a constant onslaught of bad news since the pandemic started but for the next five Sunday nights, the unsatiated thirst of sports fans across the country and world will be quenched. At least for two hours.

Sunday night, the global icon and hero for many steps back into the spotlight.

The 10-part documentary chronicling Michael Jordan and the 1998 Chicago Bulls, originally slated to be released at the end of June, was moved forward by ESPN to premiere tonight at 9:00 p.m. EDT.

‘The Last Dance’ is set to provide an unprecedented look into the final season of arguably the greatest athlete and dynasties the sports world has ever seen.

Michael Jordan described his final NBA championship season with the Chicago Bulls as a “trying year.”

“We were all trying to enjoy that year knowing it was coming to an end,” Jordan told Good Morning America on Thursday. Jordan appeared on the show via video conference from his home in Florida to promote the “The Last Dance,” a 10-part documentary series focused on the final year of the 90′s Bulls dynasty that won six NBA titles in eight years.

“The beginning of the season, it started when (general manager) Jerry Krause told (coach) Phil Jackson that he could go 82-0 and he would never get a chance to come back,” Jordan said. “Knowing that I had married myself to him, and if he wasn’t going to be the coach, then obviously I wasn’t going to play. So Phil started off the season saying this was the last dance — and we played it that way.”

It’s been almost two decades since Jordan’s final retirement from the NBA, but his indelible mark on the game of basketball and society remains today. An entire generation of basketball players never got the chance to see him play, yet he remains the gold standard.

The series will also include extensive profiles of Jackson, and some of Jordan’s key teammates, including Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Steve Kerr.

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