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Jourdan Bennett-Begaye and R. Vincent Moniz, Jr.

Actress and star of Rutherford Falls, Jana Schmieding, hit the talk show circuit this week — and she took her social media followers along for the ride.

The hit series is gearing up for its next season. Part of that includes promoting the show.

Schmieding and Ed Helms, known for his role in “The Office,” appeared on NBC’s TODAY show.

“Season one we were really excited to tackle some big ideas and then at the end of season one we realized this ensemble is hilarious. Season two, we’re leaning harder into the jokes,” Helms said.

Showrunner Sierra Teller Ornelas, Diné, told ICT last month that besides “leaning into comedy” for the second season, they were also “doing a lot of Native romance.” For example, looking at Reagan Wells, Schmieding’s character, dating.

“We kind of get to see all of our favorite characters and just see how they sort of carve out their own legacies that we sort of blew up in season one,” Teller Ornelas said. “There was like an urgency in season one because we’re technically the first Native American sitcom. And when we were making it, it was like ‘are we actually getting to do this?’ And so there was this urgency to kind of put every single thing we could think of that we wanted to do in it. In the second season, we allowed the characters and the story to kind of breathe a little bit. And also just really get to explore them as people and see those human interactions.”

After the TODAY show, Schmieding made her way down the road to Times Square for a quick photoshoot with her show on a giant banner just behind her.

Once her morning show duties were done, Jana made a solo appearance on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers.

She even gifted Meyers with a beaded Boston red socks hat that she beaded herself.

Schmieding kept Saturday Night Live’s former head writer (and audience) on their toes.

Meyers asked Schmieding what is the uniform reaction when she tells people that she is Native.

“Yeah, well, a lot of people like to say, ‘Me too. So am I,’” she said jokingly. Myers laughed, asking if this is White people. She agreed and continued, “I’m not going to take a poll in here, but I bet half of you believe you’re Cherokee.” The audience and Meyers laughed.

All eight episodes of second season are now streaming on the NBC Peacock app.

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