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Will you Rock Your Mocs? If so, Indian Country Today encourages you to tag us in your stories and mention us in your Tweets. We will be resharing photos all day. Official hashtags of the event are: #RockYourMocs and #RockYourMocs2019.

Rock Your Mocs is held every November as a way for people to celebrate their Indigenity during Native American Heritage Month. This year’s event began on Nov. 9 but organizers say, “the original day will always be November 15.”

This worldwide event was established in 2011 by Jessica Jaylyn Atsye, Laguna Pueblo, who was 19 at the time. Rock Your Mocs started as a single day. Since then, the event has grown dramatically and now spans a week long. It is currently produced by Melissa Sanchez, Acoma and Laguna Pueblo.

“The first year, it was difficult for us to get 20 people to participate … Then I volunteered with the Gathering of Nations and began to network more. With each year, we get more people involved,” Atsye told the Albuquerque Journal in 2014.

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Other organizations including the National Congress of American Indians and CBC Indigenous are encouraging people to participate, as well.

Organizers say you can participate even if you don’t have a pair of moccasins. They encourage people to wear a turquoise ribbon or t-shirt … or to even organize your own event.

They also encourage people to follow #RockYourMocs to see what types of colors, materials, and styles other Indigenous nations wear.

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